Truesse’s Vitamin-Enriched Serums Will Leave Your Skin Glowing


Finding the right serums to add into my skincare routine has been a bit of a struggle for me. I’ve tried so many different brands, but always find something that I don’t like about them. That is until I tried Truesse. Truesse’s serums have become staples in my skincare routine. They have five different serums available and here’s how I felt about them. 

AHA Collagen Serum

The AHA Collagen Serum is a great addition to my nighttime skincare routine! The blend of AHA, collagen peptide, and hyaluronic acid has helped to smooth, soften, and leave my skin feeling hydrated. The glycolic acid and salicylic acid help to smooth and prevent any blemishes or skin imperfections. I love using this product as I get ready for bed. My skin feels so hydrated in the morning! 

Shop: AHA Collagen Serum, $28.00

Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C Serum is a great way to bring a natural glow to your skin and Truesse’s version does just that. The serum feels lightweight on my skin and is easily absorbed. Unlike other Vitamin C serums I’ve tried, Truesse’s serum doesn’t dry my skin out. After applying, my skin feels soft and smooth. This has been one of the best Vitamin C serums I’ve ever tried! 

Shop: Vitamin C Serum, $28.00

Deep Wrinkle Serum 

The Deep Wrinkle Serum has been another great way to help brighten my skin! The Vitamin C and E infused formula helps to remove signs of aging and to brighten your skin. The hyaluronic acid and retinol present in the formula work to make fine lines and wrinkles less visible.  This product also contains collagen to increase the elasticity of your skin. 

Shop: Deep Wrinkle Serum, $28.00

Vitamin A Serum 

The Vitamin A Serum has worked wonders around my eyes! As someone who never gets enough sleep, I have dark circles under my eyes at all times. Since I’ve started using this product, I’ve noticed that my under-eye bags look less noticeable. The formula for this product is smooth and absorbs into my skin with ease. This serum has become a new staple in my skincare routine! 

Shop: Vitamin A Serum, $28.00

24k Gold Serum  

The 24k Gold Serum is another great serum to add into your regimen if you’re looking for anti-aging benefits and to have smoother and brighter skin. The formula of 24k gold, rosehip oil, and other botanicals mix to leave your skin radiant and to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. This has been a great addition to the start of my skincare routine. 

Shop: 24K Gold Serum, $28.00

These products have become a key part of my skincare routine. I love the way that my skin feels and looks after using each of them! 

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Anna Watters

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