Vanessa Rene on How Her Candle Series ‘Nurtures Her Soul’


Vanessa Rene wears many hats. She’s a celebrity men’s groomer, Andis social media ambassador, makeup artist, photographer, local activist and more. Most recently, Rene has been channeling her creativity into making a series of handcrafted candles. Inspired by astrology and wellness, Rene’s candles provide a comforting glow and real positive energy. Not to mention, they’re made with herbs, oils and other materials that help users set certain intentions.

Rene’s candles can be found on her vibey Instagram account, @thealchemypriestess and on They’re also included in a curated wellness box that comes as a thank you to those who donate $200+ to Rene’s LA Freelancers COVID-19 Relief Fund.

We got the inside scoop from Rene about the candles and how she’s taken a hobby and turned it into a fulfilling side hustle.

The Tease: What was the initial inspiration behind your candles?

Vanessa Rene: I love candles that have an energy to them, while smelling great. My love for herbs and oils really come into factor with what I create. The candles I currently have in rotation are Abundance, Purifying, Zodiac and Lunar. 

The Purifying candle is really neat because it purifies the air. With this whole quarantine, I felt like this was a perfect creation. It has a Sage wick, so it cleans the air while also smelling really great with the essential oil blend I use. I’ve never seen anything like the Sage wick, and I really feel like it’s one of a kind. I also put in purifying and health benefiting herbs and essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. All in all, it really is an incredible candle. It also has a natural fragrance, so it’s not overpowering. 

The Abundance candle is one of my favorites. I put Opals, Pyromorphite, Pyrite, Diamonds and 24k gold in it along with amazing herbs that draw in prosperity and luck. I made one of these with a friend when I was teaching her how to make candles, and when I lit it for the first time, I got a call for a job right after. So, I keep it for really special occasions, like when I needed a little push energetically. After seeing how much I cherished this candle personally, I knew I had to make it for others. 

For the Zodiac candle, I customize it with herbs, oils, and crystals based on your birth month and zodiac sign. These are especially fun to make because they’re so custom. 

Lastly, the Lunar candles have been a real crowd pleaser. With the eclipse series that just started, I wanted to make candles to go with the June 5th Lunar Eclipse that symbolized “New Beginnings.” I posted it up and it sold out in a matter of 2 hours! (I make these in small batches so they can go pretty quickly). The Lunar candles are so special because they sit out for the night to soak up all of the moon’s energy. Prior to this one, I made New Moon and Full Moon Lunar candles. These were actually the first type of candles I sold, so they are close my heart. 

Why are the candles so important to you?

Making candles really nurtures my soul; it gives me a sense of being able to do something I love while also giving something to others that they cherish. I get to utilize my years of research and practice with herbs, crystals and astrology, and put them all in one thing. I also get to be creative and make something beautiful, and that in itself is so fulfilling. 

Why is staying positive and practicing wellness so important right now?

Staying positive and practicing wellness is of the utmost importance, especially now. With so much uncertainty, taking care of yourself is the best thing you could do for you and society. To come back more mentally healthy, with your soul intact, ready to spread some of that self-awareness and love you’ve harnessed. I hope that we can all return with the things we’ve learned and be able to come out of this unprecedented time with a new perspective—as a community and more self-aware. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our audience?

I think candles are something that have always brought people comfort. It’s the warmth of the fire, fragrance of the wax and beauty of the candle itself. Utilizing three of our physical senses. I also think having an energy to them heightens our extrasensory perception sense (ESP). 

Whatever it is brings joy and love to your life, lean into that. Do more things for yourself, your soul and your heart. The hustle will always be there, but don’t be afraid to do or try things that bring you happiness. 

I never thought I could make these candles into what they’ve become. I was always so anxious about doing something that wasn’t what I was trained to do professionally. I’m now running towards my anxiety—that’s where the gold is—and I am so grateful to be able to do that. 

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