Verity Wants to Clean Up the Beauty Industry with Plastic-Free Packaging


As sustainability becomes more and more important, it’s essential for beauty retailers to try to reduce the amount of plastic waste their packaging produces. One company supplying brands with more eco-friendly alternatives is Verity. Launched in early September, Verity is a new option for brands who want to make the switch to true sustainability. By offering reusable packaging that’s plastic-free and truly recyclable, the supplier is seriously changing the game.

Sustainable Solutions

While brands do their best to house their products in recyclable containers, Verity recognizes the unfortunate truth that some materials are not properly disposed of. In fact, their research shows that oftentimes, when a brand uses “100% recyclable” containers, they’re actually being recycled 0% of the time. This is because the material is not valuable to recyclers. So, Verity only works with materials that have high value and meet recycling standards.

Options include metal containers (made from aluminum and stainless steel) that are either completely reusable, fully recyclable or a hybrid method that includes a reusable case with recyclable refills.

This alternative packaging is not only better for the environment, but it’s aesthetically pleasing as well. Not to mention, the containers are customizable for every brand and retailer. “At Verity, we pride ourselves on performance and style. Our sleek packaging can transform your brand and can be integrated seamlessly with your product portfolio,” says CEO Kerri Leslie.

Verity understands that committing to true sustainability can be difficult for brands, but they’re here to walk you through the process to a greener future. “Our goal is to be a partner to our brands by staying on top of the ever-evolving advancements in sustainable packaging, and openly sharing as we learn,” Leslie explains. “At Verity, we want our customers to feel confident knowing that they are offering the most advanced, high performing packaging available.”

Needless to say, Verity is transforming the sustainable packaging industry for the better, and we are so here for it!

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