Are You A Member of The Metals Club? Here Are Some Causes of Metals in Hair

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Now, we’re not talking about using metal bobby pins or clips in your hair. We’re talking about natural heavy metal deposits that find shelter in the fibers and chemical makeup of the hair over time. 

So the question is: what causes metals? Well, a lot of things can contribute to your hair containing metal deposits. Some are in your control, some are not.

Pollution in the environment, porosity of hair, and quality of natural water are huge factors. The UK, Germany, India, and France have some of the highest concentrations of reported heavy metal concentrations in hair. You don’t have to use chemical products in your hair to house some unwanted deposits in there (metals affect virgin hair too!).

Another big causal player is chemicals in hair dye and other chemical products. These correlate to elevated levels of iron, nickel, copper, manganese, and a few others in hair. So, the more often you color, lighten, or otherwise chemically treat your hair – the more likely it is that your hair has some metals in it!

Now, don’t fret — and don’t stop dyeing your hair that beautiful shade! Metals in hair aren’t dangerous to your health. Your health is unaffected, unless there’s a deeper form of poisoning that stems from other outside causes like ingestion of mercury. Which – you’re not going to get from that gorgeous balayage scheduled for next week’s appointment. 

Whether you’ve worn all different shades of the rainbow on your hair, or you’ve only ever cut and styled your hair, this can apply to you. But again – there is no danger to your health from this.

Have you ever heard of metals in hair? Let us know in the comments below!