What Trends Are JCPenney Salon Stylists Expecting in 2023?



2022 is long over and gone. It’s time to face 2023 head on including all of the latest hair trends! But what are those trends and how can you make them happen for clients when they come asking? We talked with three JCPenney Salon stylists about their thoughts on the biggest trends coming in 2023 as well as how to help create them with their world-class back bar of products. 

Candice Otis, Forestville, Maryland

“I am expecting Crochet Installs to be the biggest hair trend of 2023 because of the versatility, low maintenance and convenience. 

I would create this trend using the Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment 1, 2, 4 & 5 to help keep the hair strengthened underneath, Design Essentials Edge Control for control, a neat and sleek braid foundation, install Crochet with clients hair style selection and finish with Design Essentials liquid sheen for a glowing look.”

Dariela Montano, Eagle Pass, Texas

“The hair trend I am expecting for 2023 are the bold layers that has been an uprising look lately. I love the mullet, shags and rock styles with volume. Textured hair can do so much and I love people exploring their natural beauty.

There are so many products that provide volume, and some of my favorite brands are sexy hair and matrix. For root volume the “rock it texture” by matrix is the best choice. It gives that perfect lift for blowouts or even air dried hair. Sexy hair is also one of the best brands that promote volume. Their powder play volumizing and texturizing powder works magic for men and women, it makes the hair stay in place for hours!”

Brendnetta Ashley, Oakley, California

“One of the biggest trends we are seeing for 2023 is the Butterfly Fringe.  It is a long layered fringe that is swept to the sides.

A great way to achieve this look is by using Sexy Hair Texture Foam Party Hair Mousse. Begin with damp hair, apply a small amount into the hair. With a round brush, begin to blowdry. You want to directionally blowdry your hair away from the face. This will create the butterfly effect to your layered fringe. Since the product has texture in it, it will give a medium hold to the hair. This look is great for medium to long hairstyles and can be worn with a middle or side part.”

Taylor Allison, Frisco, Texas

“I’m expecting the unexpected, naturally. Trends? You mean this vicious cycle of trying every hair trend? They’ve all been done! 

My focus, a lot like many of my peers, is on my clients and their hair needs. I love changing things up, but I prefer helping folks find a look that best suits their hair type, styling abilities and lifestyle. 

I learned a lot about myself last year, this year I’m giving back to myself and my clients. They take care of me and I take care of them. 

Trendy? Schmendy. Let’s make taking care of people a trend!”

Are you interested in being a go-to expert for trends and looks? Head to jobs.jcp.com to find a salon near you and apply today.

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