What’s New: Hair Marbling

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Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, another rainbow hair trend emerges..and yet again, we’re all ears.

Marbles Mirage ????.Today has been so surreal I am so grateful that I was able to bring two of my artistic visions to life with @pulpriothair today. #hairmarbling

Remember water marbling? The nail technique that involved pouring various colored polishes into water, swirling them with a toothpick, and dipping your nail in to create a marble effect? Imagine that swirly, multicolored finish but this time…on your hair. And that’s exactly what Ash Fortis did.
Hair marbling is a new twist on your classic tie-dye T-shirt – but more skillful than the one you made at summer camp circa 2000. Although the style may resemble many of the unicorn color schemes that came before it, this new technique is incredibly mesmerizing and oddly satisfying.


When you step outside of your comfort zone your stepping into your greatness. Tag someone who inspires you!!! ??#hairmarbling

Fortis creates this ‘do by applying a layer of shaving cream to a foam mesh strip. Next, she applies drops of vibrant hair color dye from Pulp Riot and swirls them around to create a marble-esque masterpiece – we’re talking art museum worthy. Then, she presses the tie-dye mesh strips onto sections of platinum hair, layering. After the dye processes, the marbling is complete. The results are seriously next level, but no need to take our word for it – take a look at the vids for yourself.