Why You Should Get A Vivid Color At Least Once In Your Life

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I hear it all the time. A client sits in my chair and shows me some inspiration images plucked straight from my Instagram. Then, as we discuss the possibilities, they say something along the lines of, “I absolutely love this colour but…” Soon, they follow it up with, “I just wouldn’t suit something like that” or “I’m not confident enough” or, my favourite, “I’m too old.”

Listen, I get it. Even the word “vivid” feels scary! The thought of something so wildly different can be absolutely terrifying. However, so is moving out of your parents house –– and we all still do that, right?

When we think of “vivids” or “bright colours,” our mind immediately goes to pillarbox red or bright orange. Although that may have been the case 10-20 years ago (when you only had a choice of brown, blonde or red in the salon), the hairdressing industry has evolved a lot in the past couple of decades –– and so has colour.

Vivids can, at times, come under a lot of fire for those not “in the know.” There have been many false claims, such as needing to bleach your hair within an inch of its life to achieve any fashion shade. Or, that they only last a few washes, just so you can wave goodbye as your colour whorls round the plug hole.

However, the reality is that with good at-home care and a shade selected specifically for you and your lifestyle, your vivids can last as little or as long as you like. Additionally, your hair doesn’t need to be blasted to oblivion with bleach just to reach your goals!

What was once something that could only be chosen from a shade chart can now be entirely customised by your stylist. Vivid colours, just like naturals, form a large spectrum of tones that can be suited to your skin tone, your taste and comfort level.

The best part? They can also be completely temporary! Vivids can be applied to almost any pre-lightened hair type, be it balayage, highlights or a full bleach out. That means you can get your regular service in the salon and your vivids will fade back out as if they were never there. 

Starting to sound a little less scary? Good. After all, when you have such a wide palette of tones to suit your age, lifestyle and skin tone, why not explore it? Who wants to get to 80 and say they’ve never done something fun with their hair?

Amber Dunfermline
Amber Dunfermline
Amber Dunfermline is a Scottish hairstylist with 12 years of experience in the industry. She specializes in vivid coloring and acts as a social media ambassador for Crazy Color.