Yesterday Wellness’ Eric Balshin on ‘Leaving Your Stresses in the Past’


Yesterday Wellness is a premium, broad-spectrum CBD wellness brand that emphasizes the importance of self-care. Offering high quality CBD oils, softgels and balms, they encourage each customer to practice wellness in a natural form.

Their luxury packaging includes ocean-inspired imagery to evoke calmness and a sense of rejuvenation.  And with a focus on stress relief, Yesterday Wellness specifically encourages women to reap the benefits of CBD. However, all products can be enjoyed by everyone!

We had the chance to speak with CEO Eric Balshin about Yesterday Wellness and the importance of making time for self care in everyday life.

The Tease: How did you get started in the wellness industry? 

Eric Balshin: I spent over a decade working in finance, spending long hours at my desk not at all focused on myself or my overall well-being. After the birth of our first child, everything really changed. I found myself wanting to spend more time at home, but more than that, wanting to be the best version of myself when I was with my family. So, I completely changed my wellness routine, read everything I could and discovered how important it was to have a real wellness plan. I spent more time outside, working out, meditating. And I explored a number of different wellness products to help alleviate my sleep and stress issues.

As I got deeper into my CBD exploration, I decided it was time to really put all of my effort behind something I truly believed in. I wanted to help others discover a product that had helped me and the women in my life tremendously. That led me to starting Yesterday.

The Impact of CBD

What was the initial inspiration behind Yesterday Wellness? 

We wanted to evoke the opposite of stress. How you feel when you take a walk on the beach in the early morning when no one is there, when the sun is not yet out. Before the craziness of the day starts. When it feels peaceful and you are in a stress-free state of mind. For us, it’s all about that introspective state, when you take stock of the world around you and find ways to take care of yourself. Yesterday focuses on leaving all your stresses and worries in the past. It’s meant to evoke a period of time when you had less on your plate, less to do, less obligations, and bring you back to that state of mind.

Why CBD? 

I’ve been using CBD regularly for several years and have seen an incredibly positive impact on my overall well-being. A few years ago, my mom was dealing with a tough transition after retiring from a 40+ year teaching career, and I recommended she try some CBD. Her immediate reaction was very similar to what we hear from a lot of our customers. “Will it get me high?” “Is it marijuana?” “I don’t like drugs and don’t have any interest in them”— that type of stuff.

After walking her through the facts, the research and explaining that it was derived from hemp, she finally agreed to try it. It had an immediate and profound impact on her, and she now raves about it to all her friends. I want to bring this amazing compound to all those stressed-out individuals who aren’t cannabis users and don’t really know much about it, as I know first-hand the amazing impact it can have.

Brand Goals

With so many other CBD brands out there, what makes Yesterday Wellness so special? 

There are a few things that help Yesterday stand out from the crowd. The work that goes on behind the scenes, at the level of product development is one of them. When formulating our products, we put in extra effort to find synergistic ingredients that will help elevate the benefits that are inherent to the hemp plant. That way, you are not only benefiting from the hemp oil itself, but you are also getting the added benefit of ingredients that are beneficial on their own and are actually known to benefit from the presence of CBD. The curcumin in our softgels is the perfect example of this. Both have an effect on the Endocannabinoid System in their own unique ways, but they do so in a way that compliments one another.

We also take great pride in our branding, which not only encompasses the look and feel of our product, but also the message that we convey. The goal of our packaging is to inspire a sense of calm and relaxation, and it’s so exciting for us when we get comments about how soothing it makes our customers feel. It’s reassuring to know that our community will benefit not only from the products themselves but will also be able to usher in a state of relaxation when they first pick up the bottle.

Finding these small moments of peace is super important to us, and it’s something we try to convey with our messaging as well. We’re focusing on educating our community not only on the myriad of benefits that the hemp plant has to offer, but also about the many simple ways that you can take care of yourself, even if you have a busy schedule. Feeling good starts in the mind, and if we can help even one person find a moment of solace in what often feels like a hectic world, then we’ve done our jobs.

What are your goals for Yesterday Wellness? 

To help educate women on the amazing benefits and uses of CBD. If we’re successful in doing so, we can gain their trust and become their go-to brand for all things CBD. Longer-term, I want to hire an amazing team of driven, impactful women to help lead the charge. And I want to empower them to drive the business forward.

The Importance of Self Care

Why is staying positive and practicing self care so important right now? 

Practicing self-care is important regardless of the state of your environment. When self-care rose to the spotlight, it got a reputation as being something that you would do every once in a while, or even something that you had to buy in to in order to do it well. We exist to dispel this myth. We hope to help our community see that self-care is a daily essential. And that thankfully, it doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming.

Taking care of yourself can be as simple as saying no to something when someone expects you to say yes. It is putting yourself and your health, both mental and physical, first. When we show up for ourselves, it not only makes it easier to show up for others, but we can do so in a manner that is much more authentic because we are no longer running on empty tanks. Self-care is filling your cup before filling that of another.

When we are able to help each other from a place of love and inclination, rather than from a place of obligation, communities grow stronger. When we show up for people having a hard time from a place of nurture, we move towards celebrating the good times more deeply. Now more than ever, it’s important for people to show up for themselves so they can show up for others. We believe that taking care of and loving one’s self is the first step in this journey.

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