You’re Interviewing The Salon, Not The Other Way Around


Interviewing with a salon can be scary. Figuring out how to market your work can be confusing. Learning the business aspect of the industry can be daunting. Focusing beyond technique or color theory is not always  fun or exciting as a stylist in a creative industry, but it is necessary in order to further a career and the craft. 

Ambrosia Carey learned this early on and with her background in marketing, she has been able to grow her career and salon into huge success. Now Ambrosia is focusing on helping other stylists learn how to grow their career with her Successful Stylist Academy.

Ambrosia joined Volume Up by The Tease to discuss her journey from cosmetology as a side gig to her full blown career, her partnerships with brands like Olivia Garden and Truss Professionals, and Successful Stylist Academy. 

She isn’t afraid to give out some free advice either. Tune in to hear some advice on interviewing, partnerships, marketing and how to transform your business. After that you’ll definitely need to check out Successful Stylist Academy to learn more from Ambrosia and her incredible team. 

“Trust that your technique is great, that you’re really good at what you do, but understand that your technique only gets you so far. What makes you irreplaceable is that relationship where you can connect on a deeper level.”

“Growth doesn’t always mean it’s growing outward. It may be growing upward and then at some point you have to stop and then start to work on the outward stuff.”

“We work way too hard on getting more people in our chair before asking what we are giving to those who are there now? We Want more partnerships without asking well what are we doing with the partnerships we have today? Sometimes just going deeper with our partnerships instead of trying to get more, more, more, more, is where that long lasting partnership can happen, but also how you can have more responsibility with it.”

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