10 Hair Trends You’re Going to See All Spring, According to Celeb Hairstylists


Spring is officially in the air and as the weather begins to finally warm up, the temptation to undergo a major hair transformation is increasingly strong. For stylists, this means that all of your clients will be looking to you for guidance on what hair colors or styles to try next. If you’re feeling the pressure to deliver some amazing hair ideas that are sure to impress, don’t worry!

As luck would have it, The Tease got in touch with celebrity hairstylists and Biolage brand ambassadors, Sunnie Brook and Cynthia Alvarez to find out what hair colors, cuts, and styles will dominate this spring (and their advice for how to achieve them with your clients). From cool cub cuts to pastel hair to sleek upstyles, the hair looks for this spring have never been more fun or experimental.

Ahead, take a look at 10 hair trends that absolutely need to be on your radar for Spring 2023.

Pastel Hues

With spring finally here, expect pretty pastel shades to be in high demand. “Pastels are coming back in a big way,” says Alvarez. “It’s the fun, lighthearted, hippie vibe we all expect with warmer weather and pinks in particular are going to be popular because the tone is flattering on all skin tones.” If you have clients looking to experiment with softer shades on their hair, she recommends considering warmer shades of pink for deeper skin tones and cooler shades for lighter skin tones. And, by using a color-safe routine like the Biolage Color Last Shampoo ($23.00)  and Conditioner ($23.00) with your clients, you can ensure that their new color lasts throughout the entire season. 

All Tied Up

Sleek upstyles—braids, knots, and neon strings as accents—were seen all over the runway this past fashion month, and Brook predicts that they will be all the rage this spring. If you’re hoping to achieve this look with your clients this spring, you’ll want to make sure to have a good hair oil on hand. Brook suggests saturating second day hair with Biolage’s All-in-One Oil ($24.00) on the mid-lengths to ends as a treatment before styling. “This will give the hair a sleekness for these styles and it works as a pre-shampoo treatment for dry ends,” she says.

Big Shoulder-Grazing Curls

Shoulder-length curls are expected to trend everywhere this season. According to Alvarez, this cut is short enough to gain major volume and long enough to make a statement and bring drama. If you have clients who are interested in this style, she recommends dry-cutting their hair for the best shape possible. And, when working with curly hair, consider shoulder or collar bone length with a few layers cut in to keep the style from looking bottom-heavy or boxy. To make their curls really pop, you’ll want to try to use moisture-rich products. “Healthy, hydrated curls bounce like no other so make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like the Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Shampoo ($23.00) and Hydra Source Leave-In Cream ($24.00) on damp hair to lock in moisture and shine without weighing your curls down,” Alvarez says.

Cub Cut

It seems our obsession with bobs isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This season, prepare to fall in love with the cub cut.  “[Cub cuts] will be everywhere this spring,” says Brook. “These cuts add seamless layers that give loads of poetic play to the hair and are a shorter version of the wolf cut.” When it comes to achieving these kinds of cuts for their clients, stylists should cut hair shorter to the chin and blunt, so that the edges around the face are feathery and soft. Depending on your clients’ preferences and what suits their face shape best, you can opt for bangs or no bangs. “This style looks amazing on all hair types, textures, and densities,” says Brook. “I’m a big fan of this for my curly and wavy clients.” 

Not-Too-Icy Blonde

Blonde returns in a big way this spring, but this time around, it’s not as icy. According to Alvarez, “This year, women aren’t shying away from bold transformations, and warmer blonde tones are giving just that.” To help their clients achieve this trending color, she recommends that stylists weave in barely-there golden tones into brighter blonde highlights to prevent their hair from looking too icy. As far as maintaining brightness and preventing brassiness, Alvarez suggests telling your salon blondes to refresh their strands with Biolage’s Color Last Purple Shampoo ($38.00) 2-3 times a month and follow up with Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Pack ($17.00) to repair any damage from their color treatment.

Wet Look

As the temperatures start to rise, expect wet hair to make a serious splash. “This look was all over the runways,” Brook says. Incredibly chic and relatively low maintenance, wet-look hair can be styled a variety of ways—from pushed straight back to over to one side and even in a low bun. To achieve this look, Brook recommends “using a generous amount of gel or leave-in cream (I love the Hydra Source Leave-In Cream ($24.00)) and then layering on an oil for a touchable wet look that will also act as a deep repair treatment.” If you need a bit more hold, she suggests using Biolage’s Complete Control Hairspray ($23.00) to lock your style in place.

90’s Inspired

According to Alvarez, 90’s inspired cuts will still be as cool as ever, particularly mid-length hair with lots of internal layers for movement and body. These cuts are made for an easy air dry experience and a va-va-voom blowout—think supermodel hair like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. To achieve this look for your clients, stylists should cut long layers overall with shorter layers at the top for volume. As for styling this cut? “Use a round brush and blow dryer with Biolage’s Volumizing Mousse ($22.00) to create a ‘90’s bouncy blowout,” says Alvarez. “Smooth ends with Biolage All-In-One Oil ($24.00). This helps define and piece out your ends while protecting the hair.”

Silky Brunette

Brunette hair will get a serious upgrade as shiny, reflective warm browns take center stage this spring. Called silky brunette, this luxurious color is achieved by starting with a brown base coupled with reverse-balayage golden highlights to maintain brightness around the face with deep contrast throughout. “Take advantage of the fact that darker hair reflects the light and therefore appears shinier and healthier,” says Alvarez. “Apply Biolage’s Strength Recovery Spray ($24.00) on towel-dried hair before blow-drying or styling to maintain glossy, healthy hair.

Ribbons and Bows

Easily one of this spring’s prettiest hair trends, dainty ribbons and bows will see a massive resurgence thanks to the rise of ultra-femme aesthetics like balletcore, coquettecore, and regencycore. “These hair adornments add a romantic and girly vibe to airy, layered hair as well as structured styles,” Alvarez shares. From TikTok to the streets to even the red carpet, we’ve already seen bows and ribbons of all types embraced in a variety of different hairstyles and we can expect our current obsession with these hair accessories to only get stronger.

Shag Cut

The ever-popular shag hair cut will continue to trend this season and it’s easy to see why. This versatile cut adds interesting geometry to the face and is incredibly flattering. “This haircut works for almost any face shape or hair length,” Brook says. “It is ideal for medium to thick hair. Fine, thin hair will find this haircut a lot of work to style and make it look full. The key for customizing this for your face shape is to choose the shortest layer first.”

 When it comes to cutting a shag for your clients, she says it’s important to find the best length that will be most flattering for their face. “I like to hold a few pieces around my clients face to show them how it will fall and contour the face,” Brook says. “The layers give you style options and the ability to appear like you have shorter hair.

If you try out any of these hair trends on your clients, or yourself, be sure to tag @readthetease on Instagram or TikTok. 

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