17 Drugstore Products You Need to Add to Your Grooming Routine

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When it comes to shopping for grooming products, expensive isn’t always better. In fact, some of the best grooming products are actually hiding at your favorite drugstore. From root-boosting conditioners to skin-softening beard balms, you can find it all gracing the aisles of your local CVS, Target or Walmart and for an affordable price. So, the next time you find yourself stocking up on late-night snacks or toothpaste, why not treat yourself to one of these must-have products? We’ve rounded up some of the best drugstore products on the market that you need to try now.

Best Shampoo: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

This tea tree-oil based shampoo from Paul Mitchell gently washes away impurities leaving your hair feeling clean and full of shine. Thanks to its light notes of lavender and peppermint, this ‘poo not only smells absolutely amazing but also leaves a cooling, tingling sensation on the scalp. Priced at $14.50, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Todd says, “Really nice shampoo. It’s invigorating to my scalp and has a very pleasing fragrance.”

Best Conditioner: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Conditioner

Protect and hydrate your hair with this thickening conditioner by John Frieda. It builds fullness while it conditions to make your hair voluminous and super silky at the same time. Priced at $9.49, you can purchase it at CVS.

Promising review: Ray says, “I’m so in love with this volume conditioner! It made my hair silky with added volume!”

Best Two-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner: Method Men 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner in Sea + Surf

Get more bang for your buck with this shampoo-conditioner from cruelty-free grooming brand, Method Man. Made with a combination of refreshing menthol and essential oils (argan + jojoba), this product will clean and nourish your hair in one easy step. Priced at $9.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Elliot says, “It makes your hair feel soft and silky. Smells great too. And the fact that all of Methods products are made without harsh chemicals and are cruelty-free is very important to me.”

Best Dry Shampoo: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Women aren’t the only one who can benefit from a good dry shampoo. This Living Proof dry shampoo will refresh your hair in an instant, eliminating oil, sweat, and odor. In fact, it contains odor neutralizers and a light fragrance that will leave your hair smelling super clean. Priced at $14.30, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Lee says, “I really like this dry shampoo. It smells great and doesn’t leave residue.“

Best Hair Gel: Dove Men+ Care Hair Styling Control Gel

This hair gel from Dove promises  will keep your strands in place, all while giving you a sleek, smooth finish. Not to mention, it’s strong hold ensures that your hair looks its best, no matter what the day brings. Priced at $5.05, you can purchase it at Walmart.

Promising review: Bobby says, “Works great! Does not get sticky when putting on but keeps my hair in place all day!”

Best Pomade: American Crew Medium Hold Pomade

This pomade by American Crew gives you medium hold with high shine and is perfect for slicking down or back your unruly locks. It has a water-based formula that rinses out clean and offers smooth control for any hair type. Priced at $9.09, you can purchase it at Walmart.

Promising review: Curtis says, “Love this product. I always travel with it. I always have it in hand and use it almost every day. This is a total must have for men.”

Best Hairspray: TRESemme Tres Two Hold Extra Hold Hairspray

Just a spritz of this TRESemme hair spray will have your hair looking shiner and healthier than ever. This water-free formula goes on dry and will leave your hair with added shine. Also, this product works for all hair types and helps with frizz control. Priced at $4.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Sam says, “I love this hairspray. It’s the only one I use for my hair. It’s great, strong hold, and doesn’t leave the hair looking crispy!”

Best Sea Salt Spray: Blind Barber Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Rock beach hair year-round with this volumizing sea salt spray from Blind Barber. This protein-enriched, water-based spray has a subtle vanilla scent and features a strong 40-proof hold that will keep your hair tousled and textured for longer. Priced at $16.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Adam says, “I have been looking for a solid sea spray for a long time. It gives you that true out of the ocean feel. Great product!”

Best Beard Wash: SheaMoisture Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash

Keep your beard cleansed and refreshed with this lightweight beard wash from SheaMoisture. Made of invigorating maracuja oil and nourishing shea butter, its conditioning formula deep cleans your beard to remove dirt, flakes, and odors without drying out your facial hair or the underlying skin. Priced at $8.97, you can purchase it at Walmart.

Promising review: Gabriel says, “This beard wash is like no other I’ve tried. I only use it once or twice a week and it leaves my beard feeling so smooth and looking so clean and fresh!”

Best Beard Conditioner: Scotch Porter Hydrate and Nourish Beard Conditioner

A well conditioned beard is a happy one and you can count on Scotch Porter’s deep-conditioning beard treatment to moisturize and soften your beard to perfection. It not only provides long-lasting moisture but also helps strengthen your facial hair thanks to Biotin Liposomes. Priced at $11.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Raymond says, “I don’t wash my beard every day because it gets too brittle, but I do condition it daily. I’ve tried many different name brand conditioners and this is one I’m sticking with.”

Best Pre-Shave Oil: The Art of Shaving Men’s Unscented Pre-Shave Oil

Take your beard game to the next level with this pre-shave oil by The Art of Shaving that prepares your skin for a close shave without leaving any residue. It keeps your beard feeling soft as well as the skin underneath and can tame even the wildest of whiskers. Priced at $14.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Neil says, “ Never heard of pre-treating your face before you shave it but, now I know why. This stuff is great. Leaves me feeling moisturized and ready for a clean shave.”

Best Beard Brush: Cremo Premium Boar Bristle Beard Brush with Wood Handle

Invest in a good beard brush like this one from Cremo. Made of 100% boar bristles, this brush is perfect for styling facial hair of any length. It will help with redistributing oil throughout your beard as well as ridding your beard of pesky dandruff. Priced at $11.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Dan says, “Love this brush. It’s super comfortable to brush my beard with.”

Best Beard Dye: Just for Men Mustache and Beard Coloring

Keep gray hair at bay and restore your beard to its original color with this beard dye from Just for Men. It’s ammonia-free formula contains protein, aloe, and chamomile to nourish your facial hair as you renew its color. Available in 10 shades, this brush-in dye works in just five minutes. Priced at $8.72, you can purchase it at Walmart.

Promising review: Dan says, “This product works as designed. It covers up the grey hairs and makes the overall beard look pretty natural. It is easy to use and seems to stay colored for at least two weeks without noticeable fading.”

Best Beard Scissors: Tweezerman GEAR Mustache Scissors & Comb

Keep your mustache or beard well-groomed with this affordable scissors and comb kit from Tweezerman. This affordable kit comes with a small comb for extra precise trimming and sharp and straight stainless steel scissors. Priced at $18.79, you can purchase it at CVS.

Promising review: Scott says, “Fantastic pair of scissors for all types of men’s facial grooming! I use these for precise trimming of my goatee and it also works well for those difficult nose hairs! I recommend this pair of scissors over the curved ones because they are more controllable and you can maneuver them inside your nose easily.”

Best Beard Balm: Harry’s Soothing Post-Shave Balm with Aloe

End your shave on the right note with this aftershave by Harry’s.  This beard balm will soothe your skin post-shave and have you smelling oh-so-good the rest of the day. Not only does it restore moisture but, it also helps prevent ingrown hairs, and razor burn. Priced at $7.99, you can purchase it at Target.

Promising review: Jason says, “Good stuff. I don’t get razor burn on my neck anymore. My collared shirts would often cause irritation after shaving but not since I started using this. It has basically no smell and absorbs quickly so it doesn’t leave behind any greasy feeling at all.”

Beast Beard Trimmer: Gillette Styler

Keep your quarantine beard shaped up with this beard trimmer from Gillette. Powered by Braun-engineered technology, the Gillette styler trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges precisely. This all-in-one detailer is waterproof and shower-safe, perfect for any quick touch-ups in the shower. Priced at $17.33, you can purchase it at Walmart.

Promising review: Will says, “I have a larger shaver for my large jobs but this trimmer is great for fine detail work that my larger shaver can’t do. I also like the fact that it has the razor attachment.”

Best Razor: Schick Hydro5 with 2 Razor Cartridges

You can count on the Schick Hydro5 razor to give you an incredibly close shave every single time. It’s five Ultra Glide blades provide a smooth and steady shave, without causing any skin irritation. This razor also has seven gel pools that secret a soothing gel to hydrate your skin throughout each shave. Priced at $12.57, you can purchase it at Walmart.

Promising review: Andrew says, “I bought this razor two months ago and am just amazed at the shaves I have gotten. It shaves effortlessly and close.”

All customer reviews have been condensed for clarity.

Have you tried any of these grooming products? Let us know in the comments below.

Camille Nzengung
Camille Nzengung
Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor, based in Georgia, covering all things hair at The Tease. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches.