4 Highlight Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Season


When it comes to switching up your look, highlights are a great place to start. With a few well-placed ribbons of lighter color, you can totally breathe new life into your strands, adding a boost of texture and dimension.

While you may be loyal to your basic highlights or balayage, why not use the upcoming seasonal change as an opportunity to try out something new? Whether you are looking to add some subtle face-flattering highlights or highlight your gray strands, there’s no doubt a highlight trend that will help you achieve all your hair color goals.

From herringbone highlights to tennis highlights, ahead, we’ve broken down some of the biggest highlight trends this season.

Baby Hair Highlights

Designed to mimic the way that sung brightens the wispy baby hairs that surround our hairline, baby hair highlights typically involve scattering white-blond highlights across the front section of hair to frame the face. While this technique is typically used on blondes, recently celebs like Megan Thee Stallion have shown that baby hair highlights can also be used to add a pop of color to your strands. 

Herringbone Highlights

Don’t try to hide your grays, embrace them with some herringbone highlights. Much like its name suggests, herringbone highlights use a herringbone pattern of highlighting where various shades are woven among gray strands, creating a balanced mix of warm and cool tones. The best part? Since herringbone highlights require a more diagonal placement of the foils during the highlighting process, it allows for a more seamless and blended growth of your gray hairs.

Ripple Highlights

If you consider yourself a fan of full highlights but still love the sun-kissed look of balayage, “ripple highlights” gives you the best of both worlds. With ripple highlights, the highlights are sliced right up to the root before adding a shadow root toner that blurs near the scalp, leaving behind a modern, blended final result. Since these highlights blend all the way through your hair, they tend to grow out really softly and nicely.

 Tennis Highlights

Get ready to serve up major hair goals with “tennis highlights”. These subtle-looking highlights mimic the color you get from the sun. Imagine how naturally bright and light your locks look after all day spent on a tennis court and you’ve pretty much got the gist of this trend. Not only are these highlights complementary to your base color and they work for just about everyone as the intention is to go lighter.

Will you be trying out any of these trendy highlighting techniques? Let us know in the comments below!

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Camille Nzengung

Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor at The Tease, where she covers all things hair. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches.


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