4 Latinx Hair Pros on Their Hair Icons


It’s hard to talk about hair icons without naming some of the iconic Latinx women who continuously influence the hair space and inspire millions around the world with their signature styles. Think: Celia Cruz and her wildly colorful wigs. Or, Jennifer Lopez and her bouncy blowouts.  And, of course we can’t forget our beloved Queen of Tejano music, the late Selena Quintanilla, and her beautiful natural curls. These women and so many others in the Latinx community have changed hair culture for the better while also serving as shining examples of Latina excellence. 

As we continue to celebrate the beauty, vibrancy, and diversity of Latinx culture — even as Latinx Heritage Month now comes to a close — we’re taking it upon ourselves to honor some of these forever hair muses. To do so, we asked four Latinx hair professionals to share their biggest hair icons.

Ahead, learn about the Latinx beauties who have earned their admiration.

Kay-Lani Martinez, @viva_glam_kay

Beauty & Hair Content Creator

“My Latina hair icon is Shakira. I’ve always admired her courage to rock her natural hair. Long before I embraced my natural curls, I recall seeing Shakira all over the media embracing her textured hair. Growing up it wasn’t easy looking to someone in Hollywood for hair inspiration, especially in Latin culture. We’ve been so programmed to dislike our textured hair and it’s now that our hair is becoming more acceptable in society and the professional field. I really respect that Shakira stood true to herself before Hollywood even cared to accept it.”

Leonela Galvan, @theleotouch

Independent hairstylist

“Indya Moore has truly inspired me as an artist and as a Latina woman seeing her wear her natural hair in almost all of her appearances. Growing up I felt very “different” and of course I was also taught to tame my natural curls. Seeing Indya show up for red carpet events in her natural perfection was not only inspiring to me as an artist but as a young Latina who feared allowing my curls would deny me opportunities. Indya is the perfect representation of embracing our Latin roots.”

Bricia G, @bricia.g_artistry

Extension and Color Specialist & Owner of Artistic Vibez by Diversify Salon

“My ultimate favorite Latin icon is Celia Cruz. She’s the queen of Salsa. She comes from humble beginnings and her talent is out of this world. I miss her so much. She has left a great imprint as a human and an artist. Her expression of how she presented herself —she was always put together and always smiling. Her style was unique, just like her.”

Adassa Ramirez, @micmasremix

Founder of MicMas ReMIX

“One of my favorite Latina hair inspirations is Belkis of Curls Under Construction. What I love about her is how she showcases a variety of styles while having fun with short and coily hair. More importantly, is her message of embracing your hair texture which is a great message of self-love.”

To learn more about these incredible hair pros, be sure to follow @viva_glam_kay, @theleotouch, @bricia.g_artistry, and @micmasremix on Instagram. 

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