5 Danessa Myricks Beauty Products to Shop Now on Sephora.com


On February 16th, Danessa Myricks took to Instagram to announce an exciting new venture. The makeup artist’s own beauty brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty, is expanding its retail presence and is launching at Sephora! Originally founded in 2015, the brand’s expansion will further their commitment to provide high-powered, versatile products to all beauty lovers.

“To think that it was only a year ago that [the] DMB headquarters was the middle of my living room and our fulfillment center and warehouse was my bedroom and basement. It’s almost unimaginable when I look back,” Myricks shared on Instagram. “We made it here because of you.”

Over 80 products from the brand’s collection will be featured on Sephora.com and will be available in-store beginning April 9th. All Danessa Myricks Beauty products are cruelty-free and do not contain phthalates, parabens or sulfates. With prices ranging from $18-$42, each product is affordable and allows users to get creative and have fun with their glam.

Here are a few Danessa Myricks Beauty products you can shop now at Sephora.com.

Lightwork Highlighting Palette

The Lightwork Highlighting Palette contains six different highlighters to enhance, brighten and define features on the face and body. For $42, the palette can take your glam to the next level or be used by itself to add a nice and natural glow.

Vision Cream Cover

The Vision Cream Cover Adjustable Foundation & Concealer comes in 23 shades and provides comfortable coverage that balances oil and is anti-aging. The creamy formula pairs well with other makeup products or can be used on its own for $22.

Power Bronzer

Another product hitting the Sephora site is the Power Bronzer Cream Bronzer. It’s long wearing, blendable and perfectly contours the face for a defined look. The soft cream costs $26, adding warmth and leaving skin with an enhanced, matte texture.

Vision Flush

The Vision Flush Cheek, Eye and Lip Color is multi-use, smoothing and long-lasting. With seven different color options, the liquid product is perfect for anyone looking to add a natural color to their look. Plus, it’s only $20.

Illuminating Veil Liquid Highlighter

Myricks’ Illuminating Veil Liquid Highlighter is another product you can find on Sephora.com. Made for the face and body, the creamy liquid adds dimension and shimmer while improving radiance of the skin. It can even be used as a primer! All this for just $22.

Click here to shop Danessa Myricks Beauty online at Sephora. And be sure to check out the line when it hits shelves this April.

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