5 Major Takeaways from Kylie Jenner’s ‘Inside Kylie Cosmetics’


Last week, reality tv star turned makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner took to YouTube to share with subscribers a fun look into her brand, Kylie Cosmetics. The three-part docuseries, titled Inside Kylie Cosmetics, features interviews with Jenner and her team as well as gives a behind-the-scenes look into the relaunch of the brand.

Filled with entertaining clips of the team, a glamorous photoshoot and some comedic moments, there’s a lot to digest in the series. Here’s everything we learned.

Jenner’s love for makeup drives her brand

Part one of Inside Kylie Cosmetics gives insight into the beginning of the brand. Although it originally served as a solution to her own personal insecurity with the size of her lips, Kylie Cosmetics was truly born out of Jenner’s love and appreciation for makeup. “Makeup has always been a great way of self-expression for me,” she shares. “I just knew in my soul that this was what I was supposed to do.”

Jenner has always taken a unique approach

When launching Kylie Cosmetics (originally named Lip Kit by Kylie), Jenner didn’t want to follow what other beauty brands have been doing for years. She was determined to take the untraditional route and go straight to her followers – something that was unheard of in 2015 – and simply posted photos of herself wearing the OG Lip Kits as promo.

One of the first brands to use Instagram as sole promotion, Kylie Cosmetics really raised the bar for the beauty industry. Unsurprisingly, Jenner’s unique approach got the job done. The first launch of her Lip Kits sold out in just minutes all because she “knew [her] fans, [her] generation and what [she’d] like to see as a consumer.”

Jenner is involved with the entire creative process

Part two of the series explores Jenner’s direct involvement with the brand. While other celebrities might not take a hands-on approach to their businesses, Jenner is involved in every step. Chief Commercial Officer for Kylie Cosmetics, Megan Mildrew shares with viewers, “Kylie is involved in every single piece of creative, the conceptive ideation of what the product’s going to be, what the color is going to be, the tiny details of the decorations on the packaging.”

Jen Cohan, who acts as Chief Brand Officer, also explains that Jenner is very particular about the brand’s offerings, sometimes spending up to five hours on ideation for one product: “she’s a very creative person and she works a certain way. She will not rush through something. […] It has to be perfect.”

Kylie Cosmetics is inspired by family

Something that Jenner knew from the very beginning was that she needed not only her mom, Kris Jenner, to help bring the company to life, but other strong women as well. It’s important to her that she takes what she has learned from her own family and use it as inspiration. “You are a product of who you surround yourself with and your family. My sisters and my mom have been huge influences [on] me and I feel like really shaped me into who I am.”

In fact, Jenner has even created several makeup collections in collaboration with each of her sisters, her mother and even her daughter Stormi. However, she reveals in the docuseries that if she could do a dream collection with any person outside of her family, it would be Marilyn Monroe. And if she could collab with any celebrity, it would be Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott. “He is so creative,” Jenner explains. “He would just come with the cool ideas.”

Kylie Cosmetics has come a long way

What started as a dream for teenage Kylie has turned into an entire empire. The now 23-year-old has learned a lot over the years, and she’s ready to make more groundbreaking moves. In part three of the docuseries, viewers learn about what the relaunch of Kylie Cosmetics means and where the brand is going from here.

An important move for the record-breaking brand, Kylie Cosmetics products are now vegan, cruelty-free and made with skin-loving, clean ingredients. “I want to be really proud of everything I release,” Jenner says. “I just want everyone to feel good when they wear my makeup and see the love that we put into it.”

In addition to altering the formulas, the company will be going global as well. In 2019, 51% of Kylie Cosmetics was sold to beauty giant Coty so that the brand could “have this big infrastructure to go global.”

Needless to say, although there have been some bumps in the road along the way, Kylie Cosmetics is a truly iconic brand, and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Click here to shop Kylie Cosmetics’ relaunch. And be sure to follow the brand on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes.

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