7 Conditioning Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair


We’ve all heard clients say that someone told them to put coconut oil from their pantry on their hair as a conditioning mask. And while, yes, that can work — we all know there are better, higher quality ways to hydrate, nourish, and repair broken hair. Let’s start with these 7 conditioning masks that don’t leave the heavy grease that can come with using natural oils.

 1. Wella Professionals FusionPlex Intense Repair Mask

Wella’s Fusionplex Repair Mask is filled with silk amino acids to repair and prevent any breakage in the hair. This mask works on strengthening and softening at the same time to keep your hair resilient against any mechanical breakage. If your hair is so damaged that you’ve lost your natural texture, this mask is the one for you! It can, and has, brought back those waves and curls that you may have lost to bleaching or rough brushing due to its lightweight but deeply hydrating formula. 

Wella Professionals Intense repair mask

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 2. Biolage Hydrasource Aloe Mask

Biolage‘s Hydrasource mask is focused less on damaged hair, but more so dried-out hair. Sometimes your hair just needs a spa day — that’s where this formula comes in! The Hydrasource conditioning mask is paraben-free, so it’s highly recommended to use this treatment on hair that has dried from coloring and/or lightening. So, if you’re having a case of the bleaching brittle, we recommend trying out Biolage’s Aloe Mask! 

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 3. Wella Professionals Colormotion+ Structure+ Mask

Wella’s Colormotion Structure Mask blows colored hair treatments out of the park with its intense repair formula. This mask uses their signature WellaPlex bonding agent to repair dull, dry hair and revitalize into smooth, bright, and shiny locks. It’s known that color-saving shampoos are important, but this deep conditioning treatment will surprise you with how vibrant it will keep your color while softening and smoothing your hair. 

Wella Professionals Colormotion deep hydrating conditioning mask for colored hair

Get it at MyWellaStore for $18

 4. Verb Ghost Hair Mask

If you usually don’t use masks or deep-hydrating conditioners, look no further for a place to start. Verb’s Ghost Hair Mask is extremely lightweight while also nourishing hair. Without leaving your hair feeling heavier, this vegan and gluten-free mask targets all types of damage, from dryness, to frizz-fixing, to split ends and breakage! Conditioning treatments usually pose a bit of a problem for finer hair, but due to the lightweight nature of this mask, you can feel no fear about leaving with matted, heavy hair! 

Verb Llghtweight conditioning mask

Get it at Sephora for $18

 5. Naturall Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner

Naturall’s Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner is good for all hair types, but is specifically effective on coiled and tightly coiled hair. While this mask focuses more on natural, virgin hair, as opposed to colored hair, there are three different solutions for you to choose from. Each solution targets a different problem with your hair in order to solve it. You can choose from the dry, damaged, or dull solutions with options of 2 oz. or 4 oz. treatments. If you feel like your hair can’t be saved, give Naturall a shot at it first. 

Naturall deep conditioning treatment

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 6. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

The pain of tangled hair after bleaching is a common thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether your hair is damaged mechanically, chemically, or thermally, Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector has your back – no matter your hair type! If you heat-style your hair often and notice a bit of damage or difference in the texture of your hair, try out this mask!

Get it at Sephora for $28

7. Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

You may be a little caught-off-guard with the thought of infusing algae in your hair… But fear not! The blue green algae extract in Camille Rose‘s Algae Renew Deep Conditioner works wonders on thickening and strengthening your hair while the mango extract works to smoothen and hydrate. Every ingredient in this formula is easy to pronounce and recognizable by name – jojoba oil, tea tree oil, biotin, and more. This 100% natural conditioning mask is vegan and smells like cocoa and mango butter. 

Get it on Amazon for $20

Have you ever tried these masks? Got another mask you think is better? Let us know in the comments!

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