A Closer Look at How the Andis International Team Brought Action-Packed Education to Barber Connect 2022


If you’re a barber, you probably already know how big of a deal Barber Connect is to the entire community. As Europe’s largest barber exhibition, the popular trade show brings together barbers from all across the globe for two days of action-packed education. 

This year’s event took place from June 12-13th in Telford, UK and featured appearances from some of the biggest brands in the barbering industry—including Andis Company. As a matter of fact, the beloved barber brand served as the main event sponsor and rolled in with a crew of over 30 of their best educators to take the main stage and provide inspiration and education on how to CREATE YOUR WAY.

The ANDIS education team assembled, including educators from North America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Malaysia. First row, crouching/kneeling L-R: Jesse Figueroa, Lici Febo, Shella Thornton, Angie Perino (center), Sean Casey, Scott Ramos, Lynndy Rolfe. Second row L-R: Danny Amorim, Kevin Luchmun, Wafie Zainal, John Delgado, Kenny Duncan, Emmanuel Shesher Sanwogou (center), Anthony Staltari, Corey Bakon, Hayden Cassidy, Tori Gill, Kevin Vorley. Third row L-R: Sidd Sottung, Baldy, Jordan Tabakman (center), John Mosley

That’s right! Attendees had the opportunity to directly learn from the likes of Andis Educators John Delgado, Scott Ramos, John Moseley, Andis LATAM Lead Educator Jesse Figueroa, Andis North American Artistic Team Lead Kenny Duncan, and Andis International Artistic Team Lead Kevin Luchmun, and many others. 

For those who don’t know, a key part of Andis’ offerings is their global education team and training resources—most notably with the launch of their new virtual education website. With this year’s Barber Connect, attendees got to experience this inspiring education first-hand.

Newly appointed Andis LATAM Lead Educator Jesse Figueroa (@j_figz) leading the Andis Remix stage presentation

Across the two-day event, the Andis team presented nine different segments showcasing an eclectic mix of international trends and cutting techniques. From North American to Australian and UK trends, to a visual presentation of the latest FLUID Vol. 3 collection and Andis Freestyle Design, attendees were fully immersed in an array of creative content on the Andise Creator stage. And, as if that’s not enough, Tom Chapman, founder of the Lions Barber Collective focusing on Mental Health Awareness and Mike Taylor Education provided additional segments discussing barber training and apprenticeships.

Andis Educator and NAHA 2022 Educator of the Year John Mosley (@popular_nobody) talking through techniques during the Andis North American Trends demonstration

“Never before has Andis brought together so many talented barbers together in one place for what’s sure to be a not-be-missed experience,” says Global Education Manager Angie Perino.  “We’re leading on education and creativity and, of course, we’ll be showcasing the very latest Andis tools that empower barbers to exceed their creative potential and forge their own creative identity in this amazing industry.”

For more exciting announcements from the Andis team, be sure to follow @andisclippers on Instagram.

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Camille Nzengung

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