A Stylist in Quarantine

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I recently opened Jessica Scott Hair in May of 2019, so being off for two months because of Coronavirus has definitely been a challenge. I eat, sleep and breathe hair, so I cannot wait to get back into the salon.

During this quarantine, hairdressers across the world are taking advantage of discounted or free education from brands and individual educators. Maybe you couldn’t afford to travel to see your favorite educator, but you can definitely find their Instagram account!

Now, stylists also have the time to sit and focus on perfecting the technique they may not have had time for before. Since we are working on less clients, I like to work on a mannequin while recording myself. Then, I’ll show my followers the different techniques. When we do return to the salon, we won’t be able to double book. But, this means even more time to perfect our craft.

Also, through my experience as an influencer on Instagram, I’ve learned this is the perfect time to practice your teaching skills. You can always show your followers different styles on yourself using your favorite styling products and tools. This will keep your followers engaged so they have something to look forward to when salons are allowed to reopen. Influencing is a great way to work with brands and form professional relationships. Plus, you’ll have another source of income coming in.

Another way for salon owners to take advantage of this time off is giving your salon a deep clean or making any renovations that you’ve been meaning to. You can get a lot done now that you didn’t have time for before!

When you do re-open the doors to your salon, remember not to get overwhelmed while looking at your 100+ clients that need to be rescheduled. Take it one day at a time. You don’t want to face burnout by working 12-hour days, every day. Your clients will be patient and wait for you.

Jessica Scott Santo
Jessica Scott Santo
Jessica Scott Santo is a foil design specialist and owner of Jessica Scott Hair in Sciota, PA. She is a balayage educator for Sunlights Balayage and a Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador.