Advice to Entrepreneurs: “If you’re ready, do it. Don’t think twice about it.”

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Gina Charbonnet is the founder of GeChar Presents and has worked as a producer and communications consultant for leading brands and media outlets like Converse, Essence, BET, the NAACP and the DNC among many others. She works with these brands to shape a creative vision and build authentic storytelling experiences. 

(Note: Gina is also a contributor to TheTease.com.)

Now she’s starting a new venture… re-envisioning *her* brand. 

“My work with Black women will always always be at the core of what I do.”

Having built a life creating social change through conversation and connection, GeChar is now a community built for “guiding advocateurs.”

Essence festival carved out her career and now she’s continuing the work of empowerment and inspiration through GeChar, her resource to inspire other entrepreneurs.