8 Tips to Humanize Your Beauty Business and Attract Top Talent

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After leading teams for a combined 20 years and working with thousands of beauty business owners, we saw first-hand how recruitment issues affect business growth, client retention, and most importantly, employee happiness.

We quickly recognized that one of the main issues beauty owners face when trying to grow their team was the inability to showcase their values, culture, and successes in a digital way; and in a way that fosters connection with potential talent. 

Why is this so important? Because that is what Gen Zer’s, the future of this industry, are looking for when searching for their new work family. So we created Canvas Me. Not only does Canvas Me humanize the artist, but it also humanizes the beauty business.

Now more than ever, we need to be able to connect with people without being in-person. With Canvas Me, you finally have a space that will highlight key information that will attract the right cultural fit to your business, which as a result will create happier work environments and increase employee retention.

Here are 8 tips to help you maximize Canvas Me and recruit top talent like never before:

1. Humanize yourself through video. 

People buy into people, so attracting the right person means you as an owner need to humanize yourself in a way that forms a connection. Not only can you introduce yourself to potential employees via a written bio, BUT you can upload a video of yourself and pin it right to your Canvas Me Opportunity! Tell potential employees who you are, why you started the business, and why they would want to join your salon, spa, or barbershop for this purpose.

Watch the video that Michelle O’Connor attached to her Canvas Me Mentorship Opportunity.

2. Humanize your staff through photos and videos.

Your employees are your best form of marketing when it comes to recruiting talent! Highlight them on your Canvas Me opportunity posting. Upload photos of the team having fun; showcase a day in the life of one of your staff members and give them a behind the scenes look into your salon or spa.

Check out Lindsey Guzman’s career opportunity. She highlights her staff in a beautiful way.

3. Highlight your values and be transparent with job requirements.

Value sharing is critical to ensure you and the potential employee are on the same page. In your opinion, your opportunity could highlight an exciting career path – a high paced salon with high-end clients, traveling to shows, educating/mentoring new employees – all things that seem really exciting. However, it may not match up with the candidate that wants to ensure they are home at 6 PM every day or has other obligations that are a priority over the hustle. So be sure to be completely transparent with what your role entails and what the potential employee can expect when/if they come to work for you.

4. Ask applicants to upload a video.

Canvas Me makes your life easier when vetting potential employees. You can eliminate initial screening interviews by asking candidates to upload a video. Here are some potential questions you can require before candidates can apply:

  • Ask them to upload a video introducing themselves and why they chose the beauty space.
  • Ask them to upload a video talking about their values and what they are looking for in their next employer.
  • Ask them to upload a video showcasing a technique.

All of these questions lead to a deeper understanding of who the candidate is BEFORE you even reach out.

5. Education & Benefits

Don’t forget to talk about any education opportunities you have to offer! Get them so excited to join your team and start learning. Do you offer a 401K, vacation, or sick time? Outline it all and make sure they know what they are getting.

6. Talk to philanthropic involvement.

60% of Gen Zers want their job to impact the world for the better. They value work culture over salary. So make sure you highlight community or philanthropic involvement. Are you a green circle salon? Supporting cancer patients with wigs? Potential employees want to feel like they are making a difference in the world. Show them how they can do that by joining your team.

7. Outline the pay. 

While culture and philanthropic initiatives matter, they still need to pay the bills. Outline in full transparency what the pay structure at your salon or spa looks like.

8. Share your opportunity with the world.

Canvas Me opportunities look beautiful – so share it on your social channels and drive candidates to submit their canvas portfolio! This will save you hours of vetting time and help you reach a new audience who has been looking for their dream opportunity.

Get started today by becoming a member here. Begin 2021 by marketing yourself and get connecting with Canvas Me.

Jennifer & Matthew Martinelli
Jennifer & Matthew Martinelli
Founders, Canvas Me
Jen and Matt Martinelli launched the platform Canvas Me to provide beauty professionals with the ability to create portfolios, grow, and network with the industry’s best artists. With a major focus on business education and emotional intelligence, Canvas Me provides salon pros with the tools they need to be smarter, stronger, and more determined than ever to live their best life.