Beauty Changes Lives & Qnity Support Salon Pros Through New Financial Programs


Beauty Changes Lives is a non-profit foundation that dedicates itself to uplifting the beauty industry through mentorship, inspiration and scholarships. Their latest venture includes establishing programs that provide financial coaching for salons and professionals struggling through COVID-19 hardships. Partnering with online learning site, Qnity, they have developed two visual programs: Plan for Profits and Plan to Prosper. Qnity will also be donating 50% of their program sales in June-August to Beauty Changes Lives.

We got the inside scoop about the programs from the president of Qnity, Erin Kuhn.

The Tease: How did the programs come to fruition?

Erin Kuhn: Both the programs were developed to solve a clear challenge – far too many people in the professional beauty industry struggle financially. While progress has been made in the industry as a whole, there is still a lot of work to do. The uncertainties of COVID-19 and the social unrest our country is facing have drastically amplified the need to focus on financial sustainability for our industry, its businesses and individual practitioners.  

Most financial education is text and spreadsheet heavy, designed for left brain thinkers and quite frankly, boring. Qnity is different. We provide financial and business education that is simple and visual, using tangible tools to help you take action and get results. 

Plan for Profits provides owners and leaders a simple and visual path for financial management. In a climate like this where there has been extreme business disruption, owners and leaders need strong financial management practices. It’s key to becoming a highly profitable business. A whole new financial mindset is needed to enable informed, smart decisions. We’ve personally seen how one idea, or a single better financial decision has had a 5 to 6 figure positive impact on a business’s financial future or even made the difference between a temporary or permanent closure.

Plan to Prosper is for individuals and teams, to help them earn more money, do what they love and have a great quality of life. It is simple, visual and actionable and features award-winning visual thinking tools, designed to help you get out of your head and into action. Multiple industry studies show that 71 out of 100 revenue generating opportunities are missed. We teach you how to capture these opportunities and create sustainability. 

Why are they so important for salon professionals?

Everyone wants prosperity. And while times have been chaotic, we have tremendous hope for the future. But hope is not enough. Hope must be combined with action. 

NOW is the time to have a solid financial plan and practices in place for your business. NOW is the time to get in control and get support, so you can have a plan to prosper AND a plan to profit. You can’t leave this up to chance. There’s too much volatility right now, and the truth is – YOU are the only one in control of your financial success and sustainability. We’re here to help guide you. 

How will implementing the programs change a salon’s business?

Both the Profit and the Prosper programs have created incredible transformations for businesses and individuals alike. 

Kim H, an owner from Tennessee and a Plan for Profits graduate told us: “I went through the Plan for Profits program and started following the action steps. It honestly saved me. As a result of following the steps, I went into this crisis with $35,000 additional cash in savings. I feel so fortunate. It’s hands down all a result of this education.”

Lou completed the Plan for PROFITS program and brought the Plan to PROSPER program to her team. She shared with us that she went into the last recession in 2009 with just $2,000 in the bank. She said her experience with financial unrest this time is completely different. Lou had almost $150,000 in the bank this time around. She has confidence in the financial sustainability of her business, in her ability to make strong financial decisions and also in her ability to lead her team. She also told us that these programs and the practices and tools they teach have brought “peace to her life.”

Nikki took our Plan to PROSPER program to her teammates. Applying the Qnity training and tools, she increased her total sales from $62,000 to over $144,000 in just two years. In turn, the business owner reaped the benefits of the increase as well as an extremely loyal employee.

Why should salon professionals implement the programs right now?

With so much volatility in our country, strong financial practices and a plan to strengthen and grow your business is more important than ever!

In Profit, owners and leaders earn battle tested financial practices. Ones that have taken even the top financial experts years to master. Typically, this training would be reserved for high paying consulting clients. We’ve distilled this knowledge and made these practices easy to implement so owners and leaders can level up their financial confidence. You also have access to a series of financial roundtables featuring a brain trust of many of the best minds in the industry, dealing with timely and relevant financial topics. And, you will get immediate action steps so you can begin to profit.

In Prosper, our amazing educators will teach you how to make more money during and after the pandemic. You’ll learn how to get closure over limiting beliefs and how to get and STAY focused, to drive growth. Using our signature simple and visual grid-based tools, you’ll learn to use your whole brain to unite dreams with action. You’ll also learn how to win the hearts and minds of clients, how to adapt to new normals and so much more!

Anything else you’d like to share with The Tease?

Yes! There’s a lot of noise out there and a lot of different programs out there. Qnity is different. Our programs are simple, visual and actionable, designed for the way you learn! We are committing ourselves to your success and the sustainability of the professional beauty industry as a whole. We hope you will join one of our programs! You can click here to learn more. 

If you’d like more information on Qnity, we’ve put together a simple guide on 8 Tips to Prosper. You can download that here.

Giving back is important to us. For a limited time, 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Beauty Changes Lives. Pro beauty has multiple threats right now and Beauty Changes Lives seeks to elevate the industry, including making the professional beauty industry a first-choice career. 

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