Beauty SuperStars Talk: Overcome the Fear of Livestreaming on Social Media

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On this week’s episode of Beauty SuperStars Talk, the final interview of the month of June, Miki Wright stars Tamika Gibson from The Hair Diagram. A veteran, a retired stylist, and an instructor of stylists and entrepreneurs, Tamika Gibson tells us her experiences and gives us insight into how to overcome your fears of going live on social media. 

On Overcoming Your Fear of Video with Tamika Gibson, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo, we learn more about how to be successful as an entrepreneur and a stylist. Tamika Gibson’s lessons as an instructor range from financial planning to installing frontals: A master of both! And a master of many more, with the variety of experiences under her belt. She became a stylist immediately after her time as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army — one heck of a transition!

A major takeaway of the episode is to treat styling as a passion and profession — not a side hustle. The true way to be rewarded through hair is to devote yourself to the craft while also treating your chair and your salon as a business, first and foremost. 

Here are some quick peeks at this episode’s quotes:

“When consumers are watching, they don’t always see what you’re translating”

“They want to know exactly how to use it”

“I put myself in their shoes, what would I want to see?”

Listen here or wherever you stream.

The Tease Editors