Beauty SuperStars Talk: The Deets On Making Your Passion a Profitable Business

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In early July, Brandi Taylor was welcomed back onto Beauty SuperStars Talk episode Beauty Biz Chat with Brandi Taylor of the Business Beauty Network. You may remember Brandi Taylor from D.O.P.E. Social Media and More, a brilliant episode to start off June’s discussion of the inequalities in the Beauty Industry. On that episode, Miki Wright and Brandi Taylor went over how to successfully build and maintain your online presence as a hair professional. Well, with the focus shifting from online portfolio building to business logistics for salon professionals, the conversation and incredible advice continues for current, veteran, or new and upcoming beauty professionals! 

The two professionals discuss how to calculate your rates when working behind the chair, like being careful with discounts and making sure you don’t end up paying to do your clients’ hair. Brandi and Miki also talk about the danger of charging based off of time spent on a service with a client. Why? Well, it’s more important to focus more on the service and quality you provide first and foremost. If you know what you’re doing, some services don’t have to take long— but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable! 

Another important piece of advice? It’s your responsibility as a professional to educate your clients! Brandi considers an install or a color that will need to be retouched every two weeks. If the client doesn’t have the time or the funds to do that, it can reflect negatively on your service — even if your work is perfect! If the condition of the hair is too poor and the service isn’t beneficial for the client’s hair, it’s always important to be honest and upfront with them. 

Want some great insight on learning how to upsell, set your rates, and set a proper structure? Follow the link below to tune in to Brandi Taylor and Miki Wright’s stimulating conversation! 

Here are some sneak peeks into the episode! : 

“There are certain decisions you need to make in your business to level up”

“I wish there was an easy way to map it out, but it’s different for everyone. There is a formula!”

“You have to be willing to bring you in[to the salon] and market you

“You have to be talking to everyone – not just on social media”

Watch here or wherever you stream.

Did you tune in to the Beauty Biz Chat with Miki Wright and Brandi Taylor? Let us know in the comments below!