Behind the Scenes of Being an Influencer with Elma Beganovich

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These days it seems as though everyone wants to be an influencer, but not everyone knows how to do it well.  Elma Beganovich joined us on Volume Up by The Tease to talk about the inner workings of influencer marketing. Elma is a U.S.-based influencer with over 1M followers on social media. Ms. Beganovich is also the COO and co-founder of A&E, a digital agency, and she is in charge of building the company’s list of world-renowned partners and clients.

As someone with experience on both sides as an influencer and marketer, Elma gives us her insights into her background, her own experience working with brands as a content creator as well as tips for brands about how to make the most of partnerships. Even for those not interested in being an influencer, Elma helps us learn the inside details on your favorite brands’ marketing techniques on social media.

Tune in to hear the behind-the-scenes of being a social media influencer. 

“When we got into this, nobody knew what social media would become.”

“Whoever you are, there is something unique about every individual. I would make sure to portray that.”

“Rolling up your sleeves and understanding your own industry and that influencer landscape.”

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Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey