Boy Smells’ Cult Candles Go Beyond the Gender Binary


Founded in 2016 by partners Matthew Herman and David Kien, Boy Smells offers high quality candles and intimate apparel meant to go “beyond the gender binary.” What began as an experiment in their kitchen has now transformed into a full-on business dedicated to breaking down barriers. By combining traditionally masculine and feminine scents in each candle, and ensuring comfort in their apparel, Boy Smells has something for everyone.

Eco-Friendly Candles

Made with an all-natural blend of coconut and beeswax, all Boy Smells candles are meant to “burn up expectations” and “release clear intentions.” Each product is created and hand-labeled in the founders’ Los Angeles home and uses foam-free packaging and minimal plastics. Not to mention, their shipping materials are biodegradable, and their candle vessels can be reused or recycled.

Special Collections

In addition to their original scents, Boy Smells also offers several other candle collections. Right now, they’re offering a Pride Collection with six different scents in colorful containers to celebrate and bring light to the Pride movement. The collection is accompanied by an online journal full of interviews, photoshoots and videos with leaders in the community. Plus, each Pride purchase helps Boy Smells support The Trevor Project.

Boy Smells also offers a Kush Collection and an Embrace Summer Collection. The Kush Collection includes four candles made with pot flowers or leaves for an elevated relaxing experience. Alternatively, the Embrace Summer Collection compiles together nine different candles for the ultimate summer inspired line.

The Kacey Candle

Unsurprisingly, one of the brand’s best-selling candles is a collaboration they did with country singer Kacey Musgraves. Named after her hit, “Slow Burn,” the candle captures the song’s relaxing nature, and will keep the good vibes burning. After selling out on multiple occasions, the Slow Burn candle is currently on sale for pre-order and can be purchased here.


On top of all their game-changing “genderful” candles, Boy Smells also offers a line of intimate apparel called Unmentionables. Made for all genders and sizes, each product is created in Peru with luxurious Pima cotton and eco-friendly dye. Not to mention, Boy Smells uses inclusive, “skin-tone adjacent” colors that look and feel good on everyone.

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