Candidly What Color Even is Nude?

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Having the perfect nude shoe is a staple in most of our closets.   However, finding that perfect “nude” shoe is not easy for everyone.  But it should be!  Luckily, there is a beautiful brand called Kahmune (pronounced com-mune) and they are changing that! Kahmune started in 2016, is on a mission to provide luxury women’s footwear for ALL skin tones.  That’s right, ALL women’s skin tones!  They have done tremendous amounts of research in order to ensure that they are able to serve the majority of complexions across the world.  They also are utilizing the top 3 selling foundation brands to color match real women’s skin tones.  Those 3 foundation brands are MAC, L.A. Girl and Black Up.  Currently they are providing 10 shades of nude, ranging from the fairest of the skin tones to the darkest of brown.  More shades to come in the future as they grow their brand.  Their founder and brand director, Jamela Acheampong has named each shade after women whose skin tones have inspired her throughout her Kahmune journey or played a pivotal role in her life.  They also offer a “Find your match” tool on their website.  Do you wear MAC NW30 foundation?  Then Bogota will be the perfect shade nude for you! 

Kahmune shoes are made from premium leathers sourced directly from Italy. They are also very conscious of their carbon footprint; they have ensured that all their leathers are produced in factories that adhere to strict European manufacturing standards in order to minimize any detrimental effects on the environment. Each shoe is handmade by artisans with years of experience resulting in producing a very high-quality luxury shoe. But the best part of this company is that Kahmune wants to be more than just a footwear line. They are a brand with a clear message. “Representation matters. Diversity matters. Inclusion matters.” 

Beauty is diversity.

A sensible flat for everyone!

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The perfect pump!

All hail Jamela Acheampong!