Celeb Hairstylist Jorge Buccio on the Coolest Hair Trends to Try This Fall


Every season brings with it a new set of exciting hair trends and this fall is certainly no exception. While this summer may have been all about experimental color, zigzag parts, and mermaid-esque waves, this season we’re seeing a return of more retro styles as well as warmer, autumn-appropriate hair colors.

Celeb Hairstylist Jorge Buccio

To get the scoop on the biggest hair trends that we can expect this fall, we reached out to celebrity hairstylist and senior colorist for Cleverman, Jorge Buccio. Here, he breaks down three looks — spanning cut, color, and styling—that will be absolutely everywhere this season. 

 Warm Blonde

“We are starting to see more and more blondes warm up to richer, peachy tones,” says Buccio. “This is very refreshing considering we have seen cool tones for too long. Richer warm blondes give more light reflection and always make your skin look alive and healthy. One great example of this trend is Kristen Stewart’s new color.” If you’re looking to ease into this shade, start by asking your colorist to add more warmth to your existing color. “A gloss or semi-permanent color is a great way to add warmth without the commitment of a permanent hair color,” he explains, “At  home, some color-enhancing shampoos and masks can also do the job in a very subtle way.”

The Flip

Blame it on shows like The Queen’s Gambit, but the ‘60s influence will be super strong when it comes to styling this season. “We are going to see very chic ‘60s-inspired looks with a modern twist, very structured volume in the hair, and the very famous flip,” saysBuccio. “This new flip isn’t like the one our parents coiffed some decades ago—that flip was very exaggerated and almost completely rounded at the ends. The new flip is a soft half moon shape, giving the illusion of a more natural flip.” Think Hailey Bieber’s retro flipped ponytail at the 2019 Met Gala. To recreate this look, “make sure you don’t overdo the ends of your hair, creating a very U-shaped flip,” he says. “The idea is to slightly bend the ends to create a very soft but retro inspired flip.”

Grown-Out Shag

The shag isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’re sporting this style, you’re still very much on trend. According to Buccio, expect to see “a longer version of this cool super layered look” but in a more grown out way. “The shag gives lots of texture and movement to the hair and can be done with a razor or hair scissors,” he explains. “The idea is to add lots of layers, making the overall shape look longer instead of more rounded or bulky. A perfect example of this look is Miley Cyrus and Ursula Corbero.”

For such a layered cut like this one, Buccio stressed the importance of making sure your shag looks balanced—not super short layers with lots of lengths. “That can make it look more dated and less modern,” he says. To make sure you get the shag of your dreams, he advises bringing a visual reference to your hairstylist as that’s the best way for them to figure out what’s on your mind. 

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