CHALLENGE: Stranded on a Desert Island With Only 5 Tools

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What if, tasked with getting Lady Gaga ready for the Oscars, she and Gaga were stranded with nothing but 5 tools? Olivia Garden International Educator, Cherry Petenbrink pitches that you could do three looks with only 5 Olivia Garden Products!


The first look would be an easy frizz-free take using only the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Square Shaper Brush. The brush’s unique shape creates volume at the base with sleek, smooth hair the rest of the way. The technology behind this brush allows moisture to be locked in with a guaranteed smooth finish.


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A trendy textured beach wave hairstyle is a second option. Start with Olivia Garden’s 2’’ Eco-Friendly Bamboo Thermal Round Brush, rotating it to create volume and smoothness as each section begins to dry. Before the hair finishes drying, she’d switch to the 1’’ Eco-Friendly Bamboo Round Brush, wrap, flip and twist, leaving hair in tendrils until all of the hair is completely dry and cool. To finish the look, she’d use the Olivia Garden Large Fingerbrush, a curved and vented paddle brush, to gently separate the beach waves. It might be winter, but Gaga will have you feeling the summer breeze with this look!


Finally go with a classic go-to Hollywood Glamazon hairstyle. Create this look on Gaga using only the Multibrush From Olivia Garden. The detachable brush handle comes with five interchangeable brush heads complete with a compact carrying case. The versatility here makes for the perfect set to have with you if you are short on time and tools, but still need hair fit for the Oscars.