Chelsea Riggs: At Amika, We’re Not Just Pretty Packaging

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This week’s guest was Chelsea Riggs, founding member and brand president for Amika. Riggs discussed her journey with the brand and how the brand was able to take off through trade shows, Birchbox and their repackaging in 2017.

Chelsea gave some insight into the ideas behind bringing an outsider’s opinion into the beauty industry to create something artistic and creative like Amika. She explained the struggles of making Amika a success from hearing a lot of “no” to putting in the hard work over a long period of time. 

Along with hearing a bit about Chelsea’s experience in the industry, Chelsea talked about Amika’s All Hair Welcome Campaign and what it means to be noticed as a brand for more than what it looks like and the fun colors. 

Don’t miss out on hearing more about where the Amika brand is heading, how Amika helped the beauty industry during Covid as well as how Amika is working toward sustainability with their packaging!

“And it just had a natural fit in the salon environment, obviously, like stylists are artists and creatives and really wanted to have tools that express that and we’re just, you know, black or pink or red.”

“I think if I learned anything, there’s not just one path. In any industry, but even in professional there there can be other ways.”

“We’ve always been an inclusive brand, not just from a race or ethnicity or gender or identity perspective, but even when it came to, like I said, we were industry outsiders.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey