Christopher Naselli Shares How to Get Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Slaying Good “Tonight Show” Hairstyle


Beloved late 90s and aughts tv and film icon Sarah Michelle Gellar is back! Starring in and executive producing an all-new show, Wolf Pack for Paramount+ from Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, Gellar has been making the rounds on talk shows with dozens of dazzling appearances. We caught up Christopher Naselli, Gellar’s longtime hairstylist, to discuss a particular slay: her recent Tonight Show hairstyle featuring a killer, black velvet bow.

Of this press tour Naselli said,”It’s all about team effort and collaboration between hair, makeup and styling. Sarah has been a loyal client for many, many years so she has total trust and confidence with what we decide to do with each look. She has such an amazing sense of style so we know it will always be a great day filled with fun and creative looks.” He added, “With her look for the Tonight Show we wanted to keep her modern and sexy, nothing to contrived but playful, that’s where the bow comes in.”  

Get the Look:

  1. Start with second day hair, always better if your hair has a bit of grit for texture and hold. I started with lightly misting Oribe Mistify Restyling Spray ($44.00) from roots to ends to re-activate product from the day before and to add hydration. This is an amazing product for second day hair! With a wide tooth comb I distributed the product evenly then scrunched to activate a curl pattern.  
  2. The second and most important product to lock in the wave and set the top section, I applied a generous amount of Biotera Styling Mousse ($12.00) from roots to end.  
  3. With a comb I made a center parting and pulled the hair back and away from the face, securing the side with two flat clips to set.  
  4. With a diffuser on low with medium heat I diffused the back to lock in a wave pattern. When dry I held my dryer 6-8 inches above the head and dryer the top and sides into place.  
  5. When totally dry I secured the top and side sections at the middle of the head with two hair pins.  
  6. With a 1.5 inch curling iron take random sections and wrap around the barrel and hold for 5 seconds and let down.  This will create and lock in a soft natural wave.  
  7. Place a bow in the middle of the head where you placed your hairpins. 
  8. Lightly mist with Biotera Flexible Hold Spritz ($12.00).  

If you recreate this look for a client, or for yourself, be sure to tag @readthetease on Instagram.

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Jeffrey Lunnen

Jeffrey C. Lunnen is the Editor in Chief of The Tease and co-host of The Volume Up Podcast. He is hair obsessed. Obviously!


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