Cleverman Wants Men to Nail Their DIY Dye Jobs


Grey hair, while beautiful, is certainly not for everyone. If you’re not ready to rock the silver fox look just yet, there’s no shame in turning to hair dye to restore your signature color.

For anyone who’s ever tried coloring their hair at home, you likely know that it can be a hit or miss experience resulting in everything from a flawless color to your hair literally falling out. Thankfully, there’s one brand on the market that’s simplifying the at-home hair coloring process for men everywhere and its name is Cleverman.

A newcomer in the male grooming space, Cleverman offers customized hair and beard dyes that promise to deliver natural-looking results. The best part? All of their kits are delivered straight to your door. So, whether you just found your first grey hair or you’ve been going grey for awhile, you can count on this innovative brand to reduce your grays with ease from the comfort of your home.

A Clever Mission

The brainchild of founder Carlos Barreto, Cleverman is on a mission to help men look and feel their best and ultimately, unleash their self confidence. It’s why the brand prides itself on offering a personalized experience, so men can not only discover their own unique look but achieve it, with high-quality products that actually work.

“Very early on I noticed that hair color solutions for men was an underserved category. Historically, men have had pretty limited options when it comes to hair coloring: Chemically-laden, one-size-fits-all boxed hair dye purchased directly from a local drugstore or recurring visits to their barber or salon, which is costly and virtually impossible right now,” said Barreto, in a press statement. “But we’ve since seen an increase in the number of male consumers seeking a better at-home coloring solution. This is essentially an unsatisfied market, especially when compared to the endless options that are currently available for women. Cleverman is a brand that provides an innovative solution to everyday hair color issues for men with a wide range of customizable color for the most natural-looking results.

A Clever Product

As a consumer, you can feel great knowing that all Cleverman’s products are formulated with good-for-you ingredients and are free of unwanted chemicals such as ammonia, resorcinol, and parabens. Their 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free solutions rely on an organic triple-oil system featuring argan, baobab, and walnut oil, that works to condition and rejuvenate your hair and beard with every use.

Not only are Cleverman products good for your strands and facial hair, but they’re also good for the environment. The brand manufactures with only the highest quality materials and environmentally responsible packaging, partners, and suppliers.

A Clever Process

Coloring your hair at home can be very intimidating but Cleverman has made navigating the process easier than ever with simple step-by-step instructions.

The process begins with a quick 3-minute quiz to understand your exact hair and beard needs, such hair texture, hair color, and the amount of grays and goals. Taking into the account the results of your quiz, Cleverman will build a custom kit for you, using their PerfectMatch Technology to pair you with the precise color you need for the most natural-looking results.

Each kit is made to order and personalized from more than 10,000 options of endless customization for your hair and beard. Once your kit arrives, inside you’ll find everything you need to achieve a fool-proof application. Each uniquely designed dye kit features a four-step system as well as personalized instructions, customized latex gloves, no-drip cream color, and application tools to match your hair and beard needs. You’ll be happy to know that the dye solutions are fast acting, so in as little as five minutes you can say goodbye to all your grays!

If you’re ready to give Cleverman a try, you’ll be happy to know their kits come at an affordable price point. A recurring subscription service (which can be cancelled at any time) starts at just $9.95 and a standalone kit is available for $22.95. At the moment, Cleverman’s kits currently ship to the contiguous 48 states.

For more information about Cleverman, be sure to follow them @clevermannyc on Instagram or visit their website.

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