Education Pre and Post-Pandemic


When I look at education pre and post-pandemic… and the fact that now everyone can push their education button in the comfort of their own homes, I realize that I have to get even more creative with technology to continue to move forward. To create a new sense of motivation and another avenue to teach — to reach  an even wider audience with virtual education.

I remember the days when we had trade shows and classes offered by our local distributor, we were limited by geography and finances. Today, the options are literally limitless and at our fingertips. Hairdressing is more than just a job my friends; it’s a career, and I believe careers require continued learning. As a hairdresser who chooses to be a teacher, I must never cease to learn as well.

The industry is constantly changing, and it’s important to continue to improve our skills with new techniques and creative discoveries that generate opportunities for us to be challenged. Education can eliminate repetition and boredom in the salon. We must always remember that there is danger in the comfort zone. So, keep yourself educated and you will remain competitive, whether you’ve just earned your cosmetology license or you’re a seasoned professional.

Education is fundamental to the future. The industry now needs advanced learning in tech, social media, skill sets and artistry while adapting to the new way of doing business. Moving forward, we will continue to see a blended approach to education: virtual-online and face-to-face, making for one of the most exciting times in education yet!

So, take advantage of the upside of online education, which allows you the flexibility of learning from the convenience of your own home, schedule and pace, with the added bonus of connecting you with a wider audience around the world.  With that being said, we can’t forget that a computer cannot touch your heart like face-to-face, hands-on demos can. It cannot inspire you like a show or provide personal connection like an in-person salon class can. Let’s face it, hairdressing is truly a social profession, and interaction with others is what we are trained to do. I miss the interfacing and experience of in-person educational events, and I’m sure many of you do too.

The industry was transformed in 2020 and will continue to change in 2021. At Sam Villa, we’re meeting the increased demand for virtual learning by strengthening our digital offerings on all platforms. The Sam Villa Ambassadors is a group of diverse young talent that will be sharing on our platform. It supports our culture of #ArtistsSupportingArtists as we continue to evolve our blended approach of online and offline education. Our goal is to create a community and hub for talent, while expanding our reach, as the Sam Villa ArTeam and Ambassadors create even more content and education in response to the industry shift.

Our main focus is providing solutions to stylists’ challenges. The world is shifting at a rapid pace, and we need to evolve with it by empowering all salons and hairdressers with the knowledge they need to flourish and grow. We’ve always had a vision to connect and elevate the professional hairdresser through education. We promise to continue to offer a balance of valuable digital content and live in-person events to ensure all stylists have the opportunity to find community and learn however it best suits them.

Let’s continue to learn and remain curious, and not judgmental. And let’s be less curious about people and more curious about sharing ideas, while remaining open to each other as we learn together.  Let’s inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love of learning.

My devotion to the craft of hairdressing and teaching is rooted in my quest for connection and a pledge to being a resource for the assembly of ideas, people and the industry itself.

An investment in education is an investment in your future!

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Sam Villa

Sam Villa is a hairdresser, co-founder of Sam Villa® and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken.

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