Ellen Devine and Roger Molina Join Sam Villa’s ArTeam


Congratulations are in order! The Sam Villa ArTeam has welcomed two new members: Ellen Devine (@ellendevinehair) and Roger Molina (@rogermolinahair). Prior to joining the Sam Villa ArTeam, both artists were previously ambassadors. 

Sam Villa ArTeam Member Ellen Devine

“ArTeam members are our core team that helps drive the educational direction of the brand, says Sam Villa, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken. “Ellen and Roger educate to raise the bar for the industry and promote confidence within… and those are the types of teachers we want on our team.”

He added, “Being part of a team is extremely valuable. It allows you to see things from another perspective, to learn new things, and teaches you how to handle constructive criticism. But most of all, it allows you to be held accountable to do your best.”

Sam Villa ArTeam Member Roger Molina

Below, Devine and Molina open up about their approach to education and being apart of the Sam Villa ArTeam.

How do you approach teaching?

Devine: Working full time behind the chair, I deal with the everyday scenarios all hairstylists run into. Like all stylists, I’ve messed up haircuts and had to redo up styles, and I learn something new every time. It’s important to create a safe educational environment where students feel comfortable enough to make mistakes and address them so they can learn from them. I approach hair in a very problem/solution manner — find the challenges and offer multiple solutions … and always explain the WHY behind everything.

Molina: Often times hairdressers are raised in one culture which influences their overall perspective and language. As a result of working beside hairdressers with independent philosophies, I can now create a unique and interpersonal connection with most regardless of which ‘language’ they speak. All the truths of haircutting principals are the same. Any misunderstanding in education is usually of the language spoken not the principal explored. I love visual exercises and tactile experiences to be the teacher. 

Why is education so important?

Devine: Burnout is real, and education is what reignites the fire within us. Being around peers and learning new skills gives us something new and exciting to work on and keeps us hungry for more in our careers.

Molina: Education is the fire that keeps hairdressers’ hands from growing cold, and the feeling that remains keeps the heart flowing to full capacity.

What value do you bring to the Sam Villa ArTeam?

Devine: We become who we surround ourselves with and I believe I will always be evolving and growing with this team. I have been blessed to work with amazing hairstylists from all over the world and have learned a lot (and continue to). My love for teaching is sharing that knowledge that I have with others.

Molina: “Iron sharpens iron.” I hope to be someone with a companion’s voice. Once of experience hands and mind that strengthens the already hard-hitting team and brings them and the tools we represent to the highest level.

What does being on a team mean to you?

Devine: I admired Sam even before I met him. I’m a fan of high-quality tools and the fact that the company truly supports hairstylists. It’s an honor to work with someone who I believe is the heart of this industry. Being a part of a team that has top notch skills and passion to share knowledge feels like home.

Molina: In a word, everything. Sam is a living legend. His team is led by the heart and follow with a strong conviction—the example he sets.

To learn more from Sam Villa and his team, be sure to follow @samvillahair on Instagram. To keep up with Ellen and Roger’s work as Sam Villa ArTeam members, be sure to follow both @ellendevinehair and @rogermolinahair on Instagram. 

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