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When was the first time you heard of a glam squad? Was it from your favorite celebrity getting ready for a major red carpet? Was it on the Kardashians? Or was it simply from some random Tiktoker heading to Prom? 

Glam squads have been gaining popularity as social media grows. Everybody would much rather get all prepped for their big event in the comfort of their own home rather than a salon or stylist’s space. That’s why although it seems extra to some people, at-home services are growing faster than ever!

While celebrities like the Kardashians put this type of service on the map, Edgar Parra made it his business. Edgar Parra is a celebrity and editorial stylist as well as the founder of Opul.  Edgar has certainly made his mark in the beauty world by working with the likes of Bella Hadid, Lana del Ray, Martha Steward and brands like Rebecca Minkoff and Lisa Perry, but one of his biggest projects yet has been Opul. 

Opul is a wellness and beauty brand that is focused on providing tailored beauty services and a luxurious client experience within your home. With around 50 artists specializing in hair, makeup and nails, eyelash extensions, and more, Opul is working to meet whatever demands clients may have for their at-home beauty. With offices in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, Edgar joins Volume Up this week to talk about his journey as a stylist, all about Opul Beauty and more. 

Join us wherever you stream if you want your own personal beauty experience at home this year or are looking to join the fabulous stylists who help clients’ glam squad dreams come true. 

“I think hairstylists now are so focused on either being famous or just having clients and there’s no time for that process of learning and really mastering your craft. That’s something that 14 years ago, the only way into the industry was to put in the grind work and assist a major hairdresser in the industry…A fine line where you have to put in the work to really identify and determine yourself as an artist”

“People want to get ready at home for kind of special events and I think people have normalized it in a way. The Kardashians film themselves getting ready at home all the time. They totally normalized that for everyone. Everyone wants to feel like a celebrity at home so I wanted to create that accessible for my clients.”

“I think when you stop learning, you stop growing. And why would you want to do that?”

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Madeline Hickey

Madeline Hickey is the Digital Media Producer for The Tease and Volume Up podcast. Beauty is the name of her game. Think you have the perfect guest for the podcast? Let her know: madeline@thetease.com

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