Everything on Pleasing’s Micro-Collection, Shroom Bloom


“As It Was” isn’t the only hit on Harry Styles‘s hands. Enter: Pleasing – his beauty/skincare/lifestyle brand. First launched with nail polishes, Styles has since expanded into serums, balms and even apparel. And it’s all very, very good.

Most recently, Pleasing dropped a micro-collection called “Shroom Bloom” in partnership with Cool Earth, an organization that “backs people who protect rainforest, and fight the climate crisis.” The psychedelic inspired campaign imagery features the one and only Mick Fleetwood… Ahead, our rundown on this “dose.”

The Shroom Bloom Set

No surprise, the nail polishes featured in the Shroom Bloom Set are incredibly covetable. Shades have inspired names like Sprouting (a pale green opaque gloss formula), Tender Bud (a mushroom beige opaque gloss formula), Vine Ripe (a vibrant red opaque gloss formula) and The Whole Dewniverse (a sheer holographic bio-glitter formula). As with the first micro-collection, Pleasing’s nail polish formula is biodegradable; vegan and cruelty-free; and made with sustainable, plant- based solvents. The set comes with decals to customize your nails.

Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum

If you’re into serums, this one is formulated for use 1-2 times a week. Apply overnight to reveal a bright, replenished glow. Great for resetting signs of stress and environmental pollution. Natural Malic Acid, an AHA from apples, helps remove dead skin cells, which yay. Who needs them?

Hand + Nail Balm

Dry hands can strike at any time. Be warned! Pleasing does something about that with its “essential hand and nail cream” that melts into skin. According to their site, Snow Mushroom, ahem, Shroom Bloom, is rich in natural plant collagen and helps skin retain moisture. Shea Butter “wraps hands in a soothing and softening cocoon.” And we all need a softening cocoon right now. Right?


Last but certainly not least. The Shroom Bloom micro-collection includes merch. There’s a blue crew neck sweatshirt and t-shirts are available in blush pink and soft, sunshine yellow. All feature seriously flirty frogs drawn by artist Marisol Muro. Embracing chaos! Relatable honestly.

Are you sold on Pleasing? Let us know. Keep up with Pleasing’s Shroom Bloom and other micro-collections on Instagram.

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