Forget “Expensive Brunette,” “Expensive Blonde” is the New Trend Set to Rule This Spring


Considering how popular the “expensive brunette” hair color has been among hair lovers lately, it was really only a matter of time before it’s blonde counterpart would soon become our newest obsession. Allow us to introduce you to “expensive blonde” — a new, more luxe spin on blonde hair that’s set to be everywhere this spring. 

Now ask any salon blonde and they’ll likely tell you that being a blonde is already incredibly expensive. In fact, just the upkeep alone will cost you a pretty penny. So, if you’re wondering what exactly makes expensive blonde hair actually “expensive”, you’re definitely not alone. Fortunately for all of us, celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith did an excellent job of explaining the emerging hair color in a clip discussing 2022 hair trend predictions on his Instagram.

“You’ve all heard of the expensive brunette trend, now this is what I’m calling expensive blonde,” Smith shared in the video. “It’s a really soft contrast so there are fewer shadows in the hair, but it’s not one set color. There’s still dimension. There’s still highs and lows. Generally, it’s a warmer shade but I think this is really going to do well in spring.”

As you can see, the expensive blonde look is very similar to its brunette counterpart in that it’s all about giving the hair more dimension, more shine, and more of an opulent vibe. While embracing blonde hair in the spring is nothing new—the unwritten rule: “darker for winter, lighter for spring” might come to mind—this new hue certainly has more appeal for those looking to switch up their color entirely or just update their current shade of blonde.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve already started to see the expensive blonde look infiltrate Hollywood. After very briefly experimenting with darker locks, Gigi Hadid recently returned to her signature sun-kissed blonde hair. Her fashion stylist Elizabeth Sulcer shared photos of her latest hair transformation on Instagram, showcasing her newly dyed blonde locks. According to a tag on the Instagram post, her bright new shade came courtesy of NYC-based hairstylist Panos Papandrianos.

If you’re interested in jumping on the expensive blonde bandwagon yourself, we highly suggest letting a professional colourist handle your color rather than reaching for a box dye and doing it yourself. It may take a few processes to get your desired shade, but you’ll definitely achieve the expensive look you’re after. 

What’s your preference: expensive blonde or expensive brunette? Let us know in the comments below!

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Camille Nzengung

Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor at The Tease, where she covers all things hair. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches.


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