Get Your Curl On With Matrix’s Hello Salon Pro Box


Calling all Curl-friends! Whether you’re braiding, twisting or heat styling, finding curl-friendly products that actually work can be tough. 

Products that clean without stripping, moisturize without weighing you down, bring curls back to life after the perfect blow out, and keep all of the frizz at bay. That’s a tall order. We get it. It sounds unheard of. Until now.

Matrix Total Results A Curl Can Dream has entered the chat. Designed for curl types 3 and 4 and infused with Manuka honey extract, this pattern-preserving system is a complete care and style line – preserving and enhancing your beautiful strands from wash to style, and everyday in between.

Why Manuka honey, you ask?

Well, Manuka honey extract is the perfect hair mask base. It’s natural. It nourishes and protects. It moisturizes dry hair and scalp by attracting and sealing in moisture. And it acts as a smoothing agent.

So, I think the real question here is: why not Manuka honey?

And get this…

For our October Hello Salon Pro Box, we’ve teamed up with Matrix to bring you the complete curl system. Here’s a peek at what you can expect in your box!

A Curl Can Dream Co-Wash

Infused with Manuka honey, this gentle cleansing and conditioning cream revives curls in between wash days. It leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh and revitalized, never dry or brittle.

A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask

Nourish thirsty curls and coils with this deeply hydrating mask. Use daily or after every shampoo. Apply and rinse or process with heat for a more powerful moisturizing experience. Hair emerges soft, bouncy and touchable. 

A Curl Can Dream Moisturizing Cream

This rich leave-in cream provides vital moisture and definition without flaking or crunch. It’s the curl-loving go-to for every twisting, braiding, setting and wash-and-go technique. It leaves curls nourished and touchable without a trace of oiliness or crunch.

A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel

Style curls and coils to perfection with this lightweight gel. It’s ideal to layer over ACCD Moisturizing Cream to lock in curl definition. It produces a non-sticky curl cast that enhances shape, fights frizz and powers up shine.

A Curl Can Dream Light-Weight Oil

Infused with sunflower seed oil, here’s the perfect final act for separating out curls and adding shine. The vegan formula absorbs quickly and completely and protects hair against damage.

Curl-friend, you need this!

Get a curated selection of Matrix Total Results A Curl Can Dream collection shipped right to your door for 1/4th the price when you subscribe to the October Hello Salon Pro Box. That’s right. Full sized salon professional products for $25. That’s less than half of the original price!

Head over to The Tease’s Shop to get your box today.

Have you subscribed to Hello Salon Pro yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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