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Spell it out with us: S-U-P-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-S. The once scary word is now commonplace among beauty addicts everywhere. We’re currently digging HUM Nutrition, a brand that harkens back to our Flintstones vitamins, but makes our hair flips oh-so-much better. Founded by health and wellness industry vets, Chris Coleridge and Walter Faulstroh, HUM makes supplements that contain the key nutrients that some of us may be missing in our daily diets.

The idea took shape when Walter consulted a doctor about his ongoing battle with acne, only to realize that his diet was the key to making his skin shine. He noticed the vitamins he was taking were missing a lot of the ingredients he needed to get the skin results he wanted, so Chris and Walter left the UK for LA to start HUM Nutrition.

The result? The actual best thing since sliced bread. If your goal is to have killer nails, the supplement for you is, you guessed it, Killer Nails. Maybe you’re looking for that extra energy boost to help you through the day. They’ve got plenty to help there, from a supplement that promotes better sleep, Beauty zzZz, to an adrenal booster for more consistent energy, Uber Energy. With powders, capsules and gummies, HUM has what you need to feel good, inside and out.