Google It: What does ‘Professional’ hairdressing look like? With Kenny Duncan

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Hosts Kelly Ehlers and Jeffrey Lunnen kicked off the show up by talking about Gamestop and Reddit stocks – disclaimer, this is not certified stock advice!

This week’s guest, Kenny Duncan, is a master barber, celebrity groomer, co-owner of Main Attraction Unisex Salon and a U.S. lead educator for Andis Company. He covers his personal journey, his business journey during COVID, his campaign appearance and his Andis journey, including Fluid 2.

Duncan explains how his journey began in sixth grade. He takes us through turning a side job into a career, how he found his niche was in the field, and how he rose into the celebrity grooming world.

Fluid 2 focuses on developing education and texture hair. It is available both published and online!


“I started getting paid to be in places that people pay to be or be in”

“Did I see all this in the beginning? No. Did I want to be a barber in the beginning? No. But I can tell you now, I’m glad it chose me.”

“When you surround yourself with a great success cluster, you have no choice but to become successful too.”

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey