Hair Glaze: The Best Way To Create Shiny, Sleek Hair

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What’s a better way to start summer than with silky shiny hair? Hair glazing is the best treatment to do just this. If your hair is starting to show signs of heat damage or looking dull like it needs a boost of life, hair glaze may be just what you need. Hair glaze acts as a top coat for your hair, the glaze ads shine and gives hair a silky, smooth look. The glaze can either include a pigment that ads a new burst of color to your hair or the glaze can be clear to boost your current hair color. It’s good for any hair type at any length with any texture. Hair glaze adds life back to dull strands by moisturizing, preventing frizz and making hair easier to comb and style. The treatment is temporary lasting about 2-4 weeks, it eventually washes out. Hair glazing should be a regular part of your salon regimen. There are also many at home glaze treatment options that can be done for a boost in between salon visits. A benefit of hair glazing over other treatments is that there are no harmless components in the serum, there is no peroxide or ammonia. This is just another reason to choose glazing over other treatments. Next time you go to the salon make sure to ask your stylist about hair glaze.

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Love the shine a glaze gives the hair ✨

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