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If we’re in need of some de-stressing, you can check us scrolling through haircutting vids on IG. There’s something about trimming, clipping and cutting that is soothing to the soul. But one recent haircutting video is the exact opposite – as in we never thought a video could be so stressful.

Kansas City-based stylist Sarai Speer shared with IG her unusual way of thinning out thick hair. We actually had to take a break mid-video to process exactly what’s going on. Speer starts by twisting a section of hair before holding it up vertically and rubbing her shears up and down. As she does this, pieces of hair fall in every direction – to the point where it looks like the hair is actually being damaged.

The horrifying technique is dubbed the “Whoville Christmas Tree,” and it completely deserves that name. Users took to the comments wondering if the cut does, in fact, cause damage, but Speer reassures everyone that she would never do something that could ruin her client’s hair. Speer also adds that she uses the technique on all of her long-haired clients. We’ll take her word for it, since her page is filled with stunning final looks that make us wish she would cut our hair too.

Even though the client herself wrote “No split ends or damage to be seen ?  hair feels lighter and so soft,” we’re still a little freaked out. Check out the video for yourself. We’re sure it will cause some internal screams.