Hairdressers Are The Frontline To Hair Loss


Oftentimes, stylists are the first people to recognize thinning and hair loss in their clients, especially when it is at the crown of the head. We know that stylists are the front line of defense to this issue, but where do you go next? Who do you refer your clients to?  While hairstylists are key assets through the journey, Susan Peterkin will be the first to tell you that “hair loss is a disease and we are NOT medical professionals.” So this begs the question, why don’t more hairdressers work with dermatologists? 

That’s why Susan opened up the first salon inside of a dermatology practice to bring these two professions closer in their work to help combat hair loss. It’s a one stop shop for both your medical and support needs. 

Along with her work with traumatic hair loss, Susan discussed her work to help get the Crown Act passed in her home state of Maryland as well as her Natural Hair Industry Convention and some sneak peeks into what’s coming up next for her. 

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“She’s like ‘ You went to somebody else?’ and I’m like ‘NO! I did it myself.’ … And she looked at me and she said ‘I’m getting ready to open my salon in six months. Do you want to come work with me?’ And without even thinking, I just said yeah.”

Jeffrey Lunnen about Susan: “But then when you are passionate about something, I think you’re such a force that you can’t really mess with. There’s such a dynamism that comes from you”

“We opened the first, full service, hair salon inside of a dermatology practice. Like literally the client, they would come in, they would get their hair shampooed by me. I give them their treatment…and they would walk across to her with their hair fully shampooed, blown out, dry, twisted in some big twist. She would give them, you know, their shots, and they would come back over and I would style their hair.”

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