Hairstylist Kim Kimble Partners With HairUWear to Design Wig Collection for People With Textured Hair


If you’ve ever dreamt of attaining celeb-worthy hair, it’s never been easier thanks to Kim Kimble and her new wig line. The legendary celebrity hairstylist recently teamed up with leading wig and hairpiece manufacturer, HairUWear, on her very first wig collection, created specifically for those with textured hair.

Image Courtesy of HairUWear

Available this March, her wig collection will feature eight unique styles (in 14 shades) inspired by Kimble’s illustrious career creating iconic looks for megastars such as Beyonce, Zendaya, Mary J. Blinge, and Shakira. Unlike some of the wig styles currently on the market, all of the wigs in the collection are designed to look very natural. In fact, Kim specifically worked to ensure that her wigs incorporated a sheer blendable lace front, ear tabs, comb attachments for security, and, most importantly, have a visible hair part.

For Kimble, not only is her new wig line an opportunity to fill a void in the current wig market, but it’s also a chance to make professional-grade tresses both affordable and accessible to women of color everywhere. 

Image Courtesy of HairUWear

“It is such an honor to be working with HairUWear, says Kimble. “They’re the giant of the alternative hair industry, and I’m thrilled to be able to tap into their expertise and global distribution capabilities to offer an affordable line of wigs accessible to women all over the world.”

According to WWD, Kimble’s collaboration with HairUWear marks the first time that the wig company has introduced a line targeted towards women of color. This partnership is expected to only be the first of many forthcoming drops.

“Partnering with Kim Kimble is the ultimate of celebrity hairstylist collaborations,” says Michael Napolitano, HairUWear President and Chief Executive Officer. “As evidenced by her A-list client roster, she’s the irrefutable authority in her field. And beyond that, she is a driving force for hair confidence among all women.”

With dazzling styles ranging from short to long and spanning many different textures and colors, the Kim Kimble Hair Collection by HairUWear couldn’t be more perfect for anyone hoping to switch up their look with ease.

Priced between $299 and $479, the collection is currently available exclusively on

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