Honoring the Last Season of Game of Thrones in Style

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Finally, the wait is over. Game of Thrones final season premiers on Sunday, which means that  Winter. Is. Here. ?

As eager to see who lives, who dies and who wins the game of thrones, we’re here to focus on the hair! We’re paying tribute to the amazing looks and hair teams that made the women and men of GOT an worldwide inspiration.

Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Daenerys… Emilia Clarke.

There is no doubt in any GOT fan’s mind that Daenerys’ hair is a staple of the series. After all, bloodlines and throne claims are DETERMINED by someone’s hair color. Khaleesi’s silver blonde has been an influence to many on Instagram, even Khloe Kardashian!

If you want some Dragon Queen vibes, try experimenting with going to the ultimate lighter side and give your hair a more ashy look. If you aren’t fully ready to plunge into the silver abyss, try mimicking the half-up braided look with long, relaxed curls to complement it.

Kahleesi Khloe and the late Kahl Tristian, boy bye!

Lady Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner

Whether you know Sophie Turner from GOT or you’re living vicariously through her and Joe Jonas’ romance, it’s no secret that her look changes throughout the show.

So whether you want to pay tribute to the remaining Stark family, or to the future Mrs. Joe Jonas, here’s what you should base your look off of.

Similar to Kahlessi, a half-up braided look was adopted by Sansa in the early seasons of Game of Thrones. Simple one or two-braid looks were worn often, and as the seasons go on, she starts to take it to the next level with more advanced up-do looks.

Sansa, who? Is that you? You may recognize this blonde from the new Jonas Brothers music video Sucker. It seems as though she truly has it all, which includes her flawless mid-length, old-Hollywood styled blonde hair was only possible with @WellaHair.

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Maisie, Arya, a girl with no name?

Maisie Williams, otherwise known as Arya Stark, has grown up before our eyes since the start of the show in 2011, and her style has changed dramatically with her. She was always known for refusing the lady life and wanted to be a warrior. As the season comes to a close, she just might be the most ruthless and powerful characters of them all.

Let’s start from the time season 7 aired, because while we’ve been waiting for what feels like F O R E V E R, Maisie has changed her hair so much that nearly anyone can do any of her looks.

True to her natural color. August 2018


Taking the leap of faith. September 2018.


Pretty in pink. January 2019.


Purple for the people. April 2019.  


Whether you want to be Maisi, Emilia or Sophie, any of the looks will help you get ready for the series finale premiere this Sunday. ?