How amika is Helping to Ease Hairstylists’ Anxiety


In this distressing time, people all over the world are experiencing confusion, grief and fear. Among the affected are hairstylists, barbers and salon owners who’ve shut down, causing major financial consequences. As stay-at-home orders expand, with no end in sight, many feel isolated from the outside world.

amika, a professional haircare company, has been showing up for professionals and customers since the very beginning of the pandemic. With encouraging social media posts and informational videos, they are providing the entire community with the positive vibes we need during this public health crisis.

amika’s Senior Public Relations Manager Lindsey Adams Franke shared with The Tease, “Our heavy hearts are with the industry and hairstylists whose livelihoods depend on personal connection. We’re working to find ways to help stylists weather this storm until our world heals.”

To support the industry, amika has set up an affiliate program to “help hairstylists capture commissions on client sales. Stylists are able to register on [online] for a unique link [to] receive commission from orders their clients place. These purchases will be fulfilled through [amika’s] warehouse and sent directly to clients.” So, as clients continue to get the products they love, stylists are receiving 40% commission on all sales made through their unique links.

Additionally, Franke shared that amika is “definitely ramping up [their] efforts on with some great sales for customers (right now, it’s 20% off sets!), [as well as] an upcoming flash sale in the beginning of April on select tools and products.”

amika is also “amping up [their] digital education efforts for stylists as well as providing digital master classes every Tuesday and Friday at noon EST for the next 3 weeks on the @amikapro Instagram with Global Artistic Director, Naeemah LaFond, and the amika pro education team.” In between digital master classes, followers are also treated to memes and other playful content to keep spirits up. amika has even posted an at-home blowout tutorial to help everyone feel a little more done up while practicing social distancing or #WFH.

Click here to join amika’s affiliate program. And keep an eye on their website and social media for more details and deals.

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