How to Choose the Right Facial Hair for Your Face Shape

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When it comes to grooming decisions, none is more important than deciding what style of facial hair most flatters your face. Seriously, facial hair or the lack thereof, can make or break your whole look. Because facial hair is not one-size-fits all, we have put together a handy little guide to help you out. No matter if you have a round face, square face, or something totally in-between, we’ve found the perfect style to compliment it.

Oval Face

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Guys with an oval face, you’re in luck because many consider this the “ideal” face shape due to its symmetry and balanced proportions. Not to mention, you can literally pull off just about any beard style out there. So, why not try a stylish circle beard like Kevin Hart? Striking the perfect balance between clean-shaven and a full-on beard, a circle beard consists of a goatee and mustache that link together to form a circle shape.

Square Face

Men with a square face shape are known for their sharp jawline and angular features. To soften up such a chiseled face, you might want to think about growing a traditional mustache like Superman star, Henry Cavill. A thick mustache perfectly complements the broadness of your face and will make your sharp jawline standout.

Triangular Face

If you have a triangular face like actor Idris Elba, you more than likely have wide cheekbones, a narrower jawline, and a pointed chin. To give the impression of a fuller jawline, you want to try a well-maintained 5 o’clock shadow or a long, fuller beard. Instead of accentuating your chin even further, these styles will fill out the bottom portion of your face, creating fullness.

Diamond Face

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For guys with a diamond-shaped face like actor Robert Pattinson, it’s all about the cheekbones. Your cheeks are the widest part of your face especially compared to your jawline which is much more narrow and pointed. To make your face appear more symmetrical, you’ll want to try a style that draws attention to your chin like a chinstrap, a goatee, or even a full beard.

Round Face

If you have a rounder face like Avengers star Jeremy Renner, you tend to have wider cheekbones, a round jawline, and a short chin. To add length to your face, a Van Dyke beard is your best bet. This style, which consists of a full goatee with a detached mustache, balances out the roundness of your face and creates the appearance of a longer face with a more pronounced chin.

What style will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below.

Camille Nzengung
Camille Nzengung
Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor, based in Georgia, covering all things hair at The Tease. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches.