I Should Change The Sign On My Salon to “CostCo” So I Can Stay Open

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Kelly Ehlers and Jeffrey Lunnen start this week’s podcast talking about their hobbies and Kelly’s green thumb. Our guest Marylle Koken has been with the Sebastian brand for 25 years and she is one of the nation’s top performing media artists in hair making today. 

The Harlot Salon began when Koken was trying to find a home as a hairdresser. She discusses her motives and struggles as she grows in her career specifically not wanting to be a salon owner to becoming one and the meaning behind the name of her West Hollywood Salon, The Harlot.

Koken goes into some detail about  what owning a salon is like through COVID, protests and riots. She covers what happened before the first lockdown and ever since then. 


“Maybe I should put Costco on top of my salon or like, Target, you know. I can make some banana bread and sell it.”

“And you know, it hit me like a brick. It hit me so bad that I had a neurologic meltdown. I couldn’t talk for like 10 days or so because of the birth and then the shutdown. Everything that was so successful is wiped out.”

“Mom, what are you doing with these pages? I need those. She’s like, ‘they’re horrible. They’re horrible. Embarrassing. You shouldn’t have them on the wall.’ So even my mom was like, uncomfortable with it.”

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey