Increase Posi Vibes with Positive Intent Beauty Products

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If you’re on a self-improvement journey (and who isn’t?), you need to know about Positive Intent Beauty. Vegan and botanical-infused formulations are just the beginning. The brand “focuses on neuroplasticity, using scent, memory and positive affirmation” and is made for “people looking for emotional support and growth.” Sound like you? Keep reading.

Image courtesy of Positive Intent Beauty

The brand has a full range of products from body lotions and scrubs to lip balms, bath salts and beauty bars. Not sure where to start? Take their quiz

Or, you can shop by intent with their collections like “PROSPERITY Over Scarcity” and “All About LOVE.” But, don’t worry, there’s more to choose from!

Each product is adorned with positive and uplifting affirmations, with a focus on scent and memory. The Heart Body Lotion, for example, has notes of strawberry and goji berries and smells like summer in a bottle. Its affirmation reads “Today I will give and receive love abundantly and unconditionally.” And at $16.95 for 8 ounces, you can love this premium-feeling, super-moisturizing lotion abundantly, too. 

Image courtesy of Positive Intent Beauty

What’s more, the brand is passionate about creating an experience. Each purchase comes with a friendly reminder of how best to use the product, helping customers to really relieve stress.

Additionally, Positive Intent Beauty donates 10% of all profits to Mental Health America (MHA). So you can help yourself and help others to keep those posi vibes coming.

Shop Positive Intent Beauty products at www.positiveintentbeauty.com and on Amazon.