Industry Pros Launch New Talent Platform


LinkedIn for business professional, Behance for creative designers. Each industry has its own tool that’s built for connecting talent with organizations looking to hire. With our focus on the visuals, personal connection and hands-on talent the salon professional industry’s needs are not met by any of the current platforms.

Enter Canvas Recruit: This multifunctional platform will help bridge the gap and connect beauty professionals and beauty students with business owners looking to hire.

“Our purpose is to empower and inspire beauty professionals everywhere to find the best career opportunities to gift professionals with content that will better their careers and enhance their craft and to make professional business connections that create monumental career opportunities for beauty professionals all around the world” says Jen Martinelli CoFounder of Canvas Recruit “I wholeheartedly understand what it’s like to be in a role that doesn’t resonate with the core essence of who you are and so this purpose¨this platform is truly from a place in my heart Fin Your People.”

So how does it work?

For the Beauty Student or Professional: While Canvas Recruit can be a platform for making a career move, that’s not all the platform is about. Create a digital resume as a representation of your work; connect and collaborate with other professionals in the beauty space to beef up your
skill set and experience. You never know when the opportunity to work backstage or an ad for extra hands at a beauty event will pop up.

For the Business Owner: Salon and spa owners/managers can browse beauty canvases based on custom filters and business requirements. Matching with professionals that fit all of their qualifications regarding business needs. If you are searching for someone with a strong
retail game, filter canvases by service to retail percentage; If you are looking for someone with a consistent client base search by candidates frequency of visit.

Additionally, business owners can create business canvases, post job listings, and network & learn from the industry’s best leaders. Canvas Recruit will not only allow owners to fill their chairs more efficiently, but the platform will help find the right talent for the best cultural fit. Thus,
creating a better work environment and reduce turnover.

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