Jellyfish-Inspired Space Buns Make a Splash at PH5’s FW23 Presentation


Sustainable knitwear label, PH5 took us under the sea for its Fall 2023 presentation, titled “This is Not a Jellyfish,” which imagined a post-apocalyptic life under the water. Inspired by Jacques Piccard’s 1969 submarine voyage to the bottom of the Gulf Stream, the collection showcased what our lives would look like as human jellyfish. To bring their deep-sea vision to life, Designers Wei Lin and Zoe Champion dreamed up candy-color knits with wavy, wire-tubing hems, crochet-like purses, and gloves with voluminous bubble detailing—all made with over 90% recycled materials. 

As lead hairstylist, Carly Loura of Cutler Salon was tasked with dreaming up the perfect hair for the models-turned-sea creatures, who all wore crystal-studded or polka-dotted face masks. The result? Ultra-cool oblong-shaped space buns that looked otherworldly worn outside the blingy fishnet veils.

Post-show, The Tease was able to chat with Loura about her inspiration for the hair looks, her key hair products, and her favorite thing about styling for fashion week. Keep on reading for more!

The Tease: What can you tell us about the hair look for the PH5 presentation? What served as inspiration?

Carly Loura: I knew that they were going to be wearing the face mask, but we still wanted it to be something fun to look at. So, we decided to do the buns in the back—more like oblong shapes, so they can kind of see it. Not really like Princess Leia buns, but noticeable, while still keeping it pretty sleek inside.

As far as key products, what did you use to prep and style the hair?

Loura: So, we used strictly Redken products. Redken was the sponsor of this show. So, we started with some hydration with the One United Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray ($28.00) and then we went in with some gel and some hairspray to just finish it off.

We know the jellyfish is kind of the focus or the theme of the collection, which we love. How does the hair looks you created complement the fashion seen throughout the presentation? 

Loura: Yeah, I liked the swirls and the colors [in the collection], so I kind of wanted the oblong shape to go with that. Last year, we did mermaid waves so I wanted to keep within that same sort of underwater theme.

And lastly, what has been your favorite thing about styling for New York Fashion Week?

Loura: Just to see everyone just doing it because they love it so much. You just learn every second of every moment just by people that are brand new and people that have been doing it for years. And, just seeing everyone kind of come together for one good purpose.

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Camille Nzengung

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